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How to Get a Power Window up Manually

Car owners often have to manually fix vehicle-related issues to meet the need of the time. Take stuck window fixing as an example. Sometimes, the power window remains stuck in one position, moves slowly, or goes only downwards. At that point, you cannot just rely on pressing the button or wait till the technician comes. Instead of sitting helpless, you should try getting it up manually. For that, you need to know how to get a power window up manually.

How to Get a Power Window up Manually

Before proceeding, you must know that moving the power windows manually is a risky task, and no one would want that to happen in a normal situation. However, circumstances like the window not rolling up or stuck in a partially open condition will force users to move the window by manual force. Users also cannot afford to keep the window in an open position when the weather is hostile.

power window
Keeping car’s window open could be a safety issue. (Source: PxFuel)

Step 1: Taking the Right Position

First of all, you need to stabilize the car door and make sure that it does not move on its hinges. Then, open the door and keep the latch against the chest when you have to lean against the open part of the door. Remember that at this moment, your position will be between the door and the main car body.

Step 2: Correctly Grabbing the Glass

Hold the window glass between both of your palms. The window may be down almost all the way, but it’s alright if there is just one inch of it sticking out to grab.

Keep one hand on the inside and another hand on the outside of the window for palm placement. Hold the window firmly with your palms by pressing them forcibly together.


Step 3: Manually Moving the Window to Upward Direction

Now, move the palms upward gently at a slow pace while having a firm grip on the glass. Make sure that the palms do not slip on the glass. The speed should be slow, and once the electric motor gears begin to work, the glass will start moving upward.

Your target should be to make the window reach the seal at the top of the door. As the glass gets near the window frame, reposition your hands to push it through the rest of the way. There will be a rubber seal at the top of the window frame, which will help in holding the window in place.

Manually pulling up the window is not feasible with slippery palms. If you have this problem, wear a pair of tight-fitting gardening gloves while performing this task. Usually, the rubber gloves grab the glass tightly, even in wet conditions.

The Bottom Line

No matter what the reason is behind the problem, it’s not a good idea to keep the window open because it’s a safety issue. To fix the trouble immediately, you should know how to get a power window up manually. Following these steps will help if you don’t want to go to a mechanic.

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