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How Do Power Car Windows Increase Passenger Safety?

Windows is one of the components in a car that ensures safety and the same is responsible for mishaps as well. The traditional way that used to be a mechanical lever to roll up and down the windows is now replaced with a revolutionary concept ‘power car windows.’ There are different ways in which this concept ensures safety more than the mechanical one, and the same we are going to discuss today.

Understanding The Concept ‘Power Car Windows’

Power windows are implemented in most of the cars these days and facilitate the windows controlling mechanism. The idea keeps the windows sliding simpler than it was used to be. The machinery stays at the driver’s side in the form of a panel that lets you control the shades with just a push of the button. The principle of electric power is responsible that makes this management automatic.

However, first-time car owners may get confused about ‘how the idea can benefit you in different ways.’ On the same, we are here to dispel the doubts.

Let’s continue-

1. It Bestows You With Better Control

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The electric controlling system of the power car windows provides better control that allows only the driver to slide all the glasses. This is particularly beneficial while you are driving with your family and you want your kids not to encounter any threat. The master panel having all the related controls saves you from the misfortunes that possibly take place due to playing around the window glass.

In the second place, the concept is beneficial for people having joint issues like arthritis or anyone having physical injuries. As while sitting in the front, they can experience more accessible controls.

2. The Lock Switch Acts As A Blessing

The windows manipulating panel also adds up a lock mechanism that enables the driver to set the lock. This saves the kids or any individual from pressing down the power windows panel accidentally. As a result, even if someone pushes the windows buttons, any activity in those windows glasses would not take place until the driver rereleases the lock. This provides complete control to the driver and creates a safer aura for the passengers.

Wish to know what Plexiglass car windows are all about? If yes, refer to maintenance tips for more information.

3. It Stays Anti-Pinch

While pressing the button for sliding the window up, it would function as commanded. As a result, if anything gets in the way during the operation, it would feel the force as the motor allows for an express up and down functioning. Now, the positive point here is that the concept also adds up a feature ‘anti-pinch.’

This way, while the window goes up due to command, it would not hurt your limbs or other body parts once it detects the obstruction in between. In fact, it would change the direction and reverse the operation, so no one gets hurt. This keeps you from receiving a serious injury that was not possible with the mechanical lever.

Important information about Power Car Windows
Things to know about Power Car Windows


Every year, cars windows stay as a responsible factor for accidents as they hurt the limbs, bones and even crush the fingers due to extensive force. Power car windows stay safe against these types of accidents as they use anti-pinch like attributes along with some additional benefits as discussed. Because of the safety thing, automobile companies have begun using them in the cars.

However, these are not an exception to maintenance as sliding of the windows take place more than any other mechanism in a car. Hence with timely repairs, you can continue using them for the purpose and keep your loved ones safe.

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