How to Fix Curb Rash: An Easy DIY Method

Curb rash indicates any type of damage on the rims of car tires. When a car hits a curb or any other object, it gets scratches, dents, or scuff marks on the rims. Such curb rashes are quite unsightly but you can get rid of them by learning how to fix curb rash.

How to Fix Curb Rash: An Easy DIY Method

Unless you have black rims, you can apply the following method for fixing other types of wheel rims. Black rims show more scratches and scuff marks, and you need to repaint them after repairing the damage.

Whether you have silver aluminum alloy wheels or chrome wheels, this repairing method will work like a charm:

Items/Tools You Will Need

  • 180 and 80 grit sandpaper
  • Primer aerosol
  • Aerosol etching
  • Aerosol clear coat
  • Scotch-Brite pad
  • Silver chrome
  • Filler and scraper
  • Clean microfiber towels
  • Masking tape
how to fix curb rash
Fixing the rash is not complicated. (Source: StockSierra / YouTube)

Fixing the Rash

Following these steps without any mistake will help you fix the curb rash on your car’s tire rim. It will give you an almost professional output.

Sand the damaged area.

Start the fixing process by sanding the scratched area with 80 grit sandpaper. Do the sanding gently and when it’s done, wash off the dust or wipe with a damp cloth. Leave it for a while to dry up properly.

Apply filler.

If there are any gauges or tiny dents, apply filler to that area and smoothen as much as you can with a scraper. If the damaged area is too small to use an applicator for applying the filler, use your fingertip. Allow it to dry properly.

It will take almost half an hour for the filler to dry up. If you’re not sure, press fingernail or toothpick into the filler. If it does not create an indent, the filler is completely dry.

Re-sand the treated area.

Once the filler is dry, it’s time to re-sand the area. This time, use 180 grit sandpaper to smoothen all the rough spots.
Preparing for priming.

You have to apply primer on the scuffed area to get the best output. However, before doing so, if necessary to prepare that spot.

Use a Scotch-Brite pad to scrub the entire wheel rim, which will look quite dull when you’re done. However, it will be shiny again after applying the primer. Clean the entire rim area. If you want to mask only the scuffed parts, mask the rest of the area with masking tape.


Apply the primer.

The first coating should be a thin layer of etching primer. Let it dry completely before applying the second layer. It should be a thick coat of primer for the second time. Wait until this layer dries up.

Apply silver chrome and clear coats.

Now, this is the time to apply a layer of silver chrome on the primed surface. The strokes should be even when you are brushing the silver chrome. Wait until it dries up and then apply several clear coats, resting between each coating for the surface to dry up. The first clear coat should be light and the new ones should be gradually thicker.

This is how to fix curb rash. The process will be done after removing the masking.