How To Fix AC Leak In Car

The car air conditioner is not pumping cold air – seems to be the most terrifying thing to discover when you are on a long trip in the middle of the scorching summer heat. The truth is an AC problem is quite common due to the frequency of damaged components and leaks. If the refrigerant level is going down despite refilling repeatedly, there must be a puncture somewhere. You have to know how to check car AC for leaks and how to fix AC leak in car.

How To Find A Leak In Car Air Conditioner

Before knowing how to fix AC leak in car, you should learn the ways to find them. The car AC leak could occur in several components. Here are most common AC leaks cars have and how to find them.

A Visual Inspection

Check the refrigerant lines, condenser, and compressor to find any residue of PEG oil or refrigerant. It is an effective method in case of a slow leak.

Soap Solution

Fill up a water spray bottle with a thick soap solution. Charge the AC system fully and spray the liquid on all the components. Bubbles will form if there is a rupture. This technique works well except for detecting a chink on the evaporator or compressor front seal.

how to find ac leak in car
Finding the leak is tough. (Photo Source: pexels)

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Black Light

Some refrigerants are pre-mixed with a UV dye that shows up under black light. However, it won’t work if there is a leak in the front seal or evaporator.

Use a Sniffer

A sniffer is a device used to find car air conditioning leak. It detects the chemical components of the refrigerant. However, the AC system should be clean and the testing should be done in a closed area. The device is sensitive to dirt and air and these elements can tamper with the readings.

How To Fix AC Leak In Car?

Car AC leak repair is a complex and expensive process. However, you can still do it given that you have adequate mechanical knowledge, the right tools, and patience. If you are curious to know how to fix AC leak, these two methods will be useful:

Apply A Super Seal

The sealant is an inexpensive, quick-fix way to seal small leaks in the air conditioning system. You can find the R-134a Super Seal in almost any auto parts stores.

How to use it?

how to fix ac leak
The Super Seal will seal small punctures. (Photo Source: acprocold)

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Kick off the engine and turn the knobs of the AC and fan to the maximum. Attach a hose to the Super Seal can and connect the hose coupler to the low-pressure port. After transferring the liquid, refill the system with R-134a refrigerant. Run the AC for at least 15 minutes to allow the Super Seal to spread across the system.

Work On The Evaporator

No Super Seal can fix any evaporator leak. You have to either repair it or replace it altogether. You can cut and crimp the tube to fix pinhole size ruptures. A bit of soldering can help in this regard.

When the puncture(s) is bigger, replacing the evaporator with a new one is the only solution. You have to remove the dashboard to set the evaporator up. You also need to vacuum the system before recharging it.