How To Fix A Car Horn – Learn Here

You are on your way to work on a Monday morning when a driver suddenly pulls out in front of you. The panic causes you to honk your car horn, but nothing happens. Now you are confused and decide to pull quickly to the opposite late, but not before almost colliding with the oncoming car. Now is when we do not need to make you realize that having a functional car horn is a blessing, which can save someone’s life. Many car owners who underwent similar situations ask how to fix a car horn, but not before it is already late.

How To Fix A Car Horn – Learn Here

Primarily, car owners need to understand that a fully functional horn is an essential component of your car. It lets the pedestrians and motorists know about your car’s presence on the road thereby avoiding an unpleasant accident or collision. However, over a period the horn mechanics might malfunction leading to an issue with its functioning. We have some simple guidelines to get the horn back in shape. We recommend you browse online to know the best maintenance tips for your car horn.

Let us now understand how you can repair a non-working car horn and get it working back again.

Go For The Fuse

Firstly, locate the fuse box located on the driver’s dashboard in the majority of vehicles. There is a second fuse box located in the engine bay of your car, but you can start with the one in the dashboard.

Now, open the fuse box, and you will find a diagram depicting the arrangement of the fuel in the box. Locate the one corresponding to the fuse for a car horn, and pull the fuse from its slot. However, make sure you utilize a pair of fuse pliers to do the job.

Inspect the fuse box. The fuse will look like a small electric plug with two prongs and in a translucent casing. In case, there is a break in the wire; you have a blown fuse. You would need to purchase a fuse of the same specifications. On the other hand, if the cable not broken, then confirm it using a multimeter. It is the first step to help you know how to fix a car horn without any hassle.

Here's How to Fix a Car Horn
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Check The Relay

In case, there is no problem with the fuse; then you need to check the horn relay. With this, you would need access to the relay box located under the hood of your car. To find out if it is working or not replace the original with an identical relay from the same box. It will help you know whether the car horn not working or the other way round.

Check The Relay Switch

While you are working on the horn relay, we recommend doing a sweep of the relay switch. Get a multimeter and set it to Ohms. You need to remove the relay and touch a multimeter probe into the relay socket.

Now, touch the other probe to the negative terminal of the car battery and ask someone to press the horn. In case, you notice “out of limits” on the multimeter, then you have a malfunctioning relay switch.

Check The Horn Switch

Now it is time to check the horn switch. However, you need to be a little patient, as this requires a little extra effort. Remove the steering wheel pad. It will give you access to the horn switch. Remember to be careful while removing the outermost panel to prevent accidental deployment of the airbags, as some vehicles have a driver’s airbag. We recommend you take the car to a professional to get the work done.

The Lazy Man's Guide To How to Fix a Car Horn
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Test Car Horn

In case, everything comes out as fine from the fuse to the relay switch; it is time to check for the car horn itself. The car horn mostly mounted behind the grille of the car or the radiator core.

You should first remove the connector from the car horn and connect one side of jumper wire with the negative terminal of the horn and other with the positive terminal. When you touch the negative terminal wire to that of the battery, the horn will work. However, if it does not work then you need to purchase a new horn.

Test the Horn Circuit

On the other hand, before you go ahead and buy a new horn, it would be worth looking at the car horn circuits. At times, the wiring might not deliver power to the horn. We recommend you connect with a car repair professional to get the job done.

Know Everything About How to Fix a Car Horn
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Thus, we hope this blog gave you the proper guidance on how to fix a car horn without damaging the horn permanently.