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Why Is My Airbag Light On? Here are the Top Reasons!

Why is my airbag light on? Many drivers don’t know the reasons behind it and the ignorance can mean the difference between life and death, literally! A number of reasons could work behind an illuminated airbag light. The fact that you should worry most is it means that the bag won’t deploy at the time of an accident.

Why Is My Airbag Light on? The Top Three Reasons

The airbags are one of the prime safety features in a car. They protect you from head injuries when there is a serious accident. When the light starts flashing, you should immediately take action to resolve the problems. So, what causes airbag light to come on? Let’s find out:

Battery Backup is Drained

It’s the most common reason of why your airbag light won’t turn off. It could happen when your car battery is low or has been drained for some reasons. The problem will be gone once the battery is fully recharged. However, the battery could still be on. You have to use a scan-tool and remove the soft-code error to switch it off.

What Causes Airbag Light To Come On
Low car battery could trigger the airbag light to turn on. (photo source: Alfa Workshop UK)

Worn out Airbag Clock Spring

The spring does the job of maintaining the continuity between the driver seat’s airbag and electrical wiring. It has some thin circuit bands that may fray or brittle after some time, causing the bag to send a soft-code error report to the airbag control module, which ends up with a flashing light.

In case of such a problem, you have to take it to the repair shop for the replacement of the spring.

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Wet or Corroded Control Module

This is the third reason of your why is my airbag light on query. In most cars, you will find the control module underneath the seat of either the driver or the front passenger. So, it will corrode if those parts are exposed to water.

How to Reset Airbag Light

How To Reset Airbag Light
Plug all the dash components correctly to reset the light. (photo source: Honda Civic Japan Blogspot)

Sometimes, we need to do it when working on the electrical components in the dashboard. After putting everything back together, it’s necessary to reset the light too. It’s a really simple task and won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Before starting the process, make sure that all the dash components have been plugged correctly.

The first step is to turn the ignition switch on, which will make the airbag light to come on. The light will flash for exactly seven seconds. Once it is off, you have to turn off the ignition within a second. Turn the ignition on again after three seconds. Repeat this process for two or three times and the airbag light will stop flashing. This is the time you’ll know that it is reset.

A no cost easy way to reset and fix your airbag SRS warning light.

  1. James says

    My air bag is ever on have tried some of procedures that u have mentioned above no no change model probox

  2. Joseph Daktar says

    Thanks a lot. Followed your procedure. Tightened the connections underneath the drivers seat and yes the airbag sign on the dash board disappeared.

  3. Dennis says

    I have to express my thanks. God bless you more. Your tips (on the video) fixed my srs airbag light on issue. Have a blessed day.

  4. Joshua Onunaku says

    I have Nissan Armadale pathfinder Le 2004, the airbag light continue flashing or blinking each time I start my truck.
    And this have being going on since 4 months now.

  5. Una says

    Airbag light won’t show on dash when i start mitsubishi pejero sport has failed m o t because of this any idea how to solve it

  6. richard g berumen says

    Good Evening. My airbag light comes on as soon as i connect the battery and it will not go off, It doesnt blink, just stays on. I have a 1993 Toyota Corolla. I checked all the fuses and the wire under the seat is connected.

  7. Dorcas njoki says

    I a Subaru Legacy 2008 but the airbag lights is always on what could be the problem

  8. Judy doolittle says

    I have had it with Nissan !! I have a 2008 Nissan Versa SL my transmission when out at a little over 120,000 miles. I went online to see if there was other problems with other Nissan owners and I was surprised at how many people had complaints. Most of the complaints were with Nissans in my year range and of car and with the CVT transmission with so many complaints Nissan raised the warranty mileage to 10 yr 120,000 the normal warranty mileage 5 yrs 60,000, Since mine was over by 5,000 miles Nissan North America would not honor the warranty. It cost me almost 4,000 dollars for a rebuilt CVT; Next I had a recall on my airbags which took over 5 months to get an appt to exchange them. One month after getting my car back my Airbag light on my dashboard started blinking. I called Nissan North America again and asked them to please help me with the airbag light that I was just out 4000 dollars well I got a sorry we cannot help you and they told me that I would have to take it to a Nissan dealership and pay to have it looked at and then if they figured out that it was their fault they would fix it but if not I would have to pay. Is the word NO AND PAY THE ONLY WORDS NISSAN KNOWS. ?? RIGHT NOW I HAVE MY NISSAN UP FOR SALE IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY IT. IT HAS A REBUILT CVT NOW AND THE AIRBAG LIGHT IS STILL FLASHING.

  9. Booker says

    I tried this but it went off but came back permanently . That procedure does not work any more

  10. William says

    my friend said his car (Outlander Sport, maybe around 2010-2013) got these airbag sensor light on the dashboard on after a light impact, from a collision with another car, located at the left bumper corner. His car is parked, another car hits at about 3-5kph. Its not touching the wheel, but the bumper is damaged.. lamp is also derailed abit, about 3-4cms from the original position.. Any leads would be appreciated, thankyou 😊

  11. Tammy says

    My 2017 dodge Daytona has been in the shop 5 times now for the air bag warning light. First they said something under the seat was coming unplugged then they replaced the wiring harness then 2 weeks later it’s back on. Mostly morning times on my way to work. Only a few times some days but 15 times on another. It’s in the shop again.

  12. David W. says

    My air bag light just stays on and does not blink. What does that mean?

    I did change out the battery. Does that make a difference? How to fix

  13. DelTheTope says

    Top man, it has turned off my airbag light. Not sure how long for but it has certainly worked for now, Thanks!!!!!

  14. Ashley says

    I have a 2008 Mazda Tribute, no accidents. I have checked fuses and connections and it just stays on. No flashing just stays on. No seatbelt problems that I can tell either. Any ideas?

  15. Meg says

    I have managed to turn my airbag light off how do I tell if it is faulty or not will it come back on when driving??

  16. Alpesh says

    If this helps anyone. I had the same airbag light flashing problem. Nissan centre asked for £100 just to diagnose the issue. After searching on internet, I have found that there is the issue was inside my gloves box on the passenger side. There was a panel at the top which came down. All I had to do it push it upward until it fitted to something. I had to still reset the light by turning key on and off as this article suggests (And many more on the internet). Also worth checking all the wire connections under your seats.

  17. Maria Clarke says

    I have nothing but problems with my Subaru Outback since having the airbags replaced
    Dash clock not working seatbelt lights flashing air conditioner blowing hot air and then my car stalled and the alarm and locks not working this all happened after airbags replaced ? Dealership Subaru Newton NJ giving me a hard time about this saying it’s not related telling me my car is old it’s a 2011 I also own a 1993 legacy and a Subaru Impreza 2010 so the newest car is sitting at the dealers shop for a week now .and I have not been offered a loaner even ,

  18. Todd says

    Spent $200 at the toyota repair place to find out the clockspring no longer functions and is causing the airbag light to remain on in our 1996 Toyota Corolla. It apparently keeps a connection for the airbag even when the steering is turning. The replacement is $750.

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