How to Change a Fuel Pump: Covering Different Aspects

When you have a bad fuel pump your car doesn’t start because the gas or fuel is not traveling even if you have the gas tank full. Maybe you are noticing other symptoms of a bad fuel pump such as whining noise, low gas mileage, or car doesn’t start at all. In either case, you should learn how to change a fuel pump as it is the only way to tackle your car without any problem the next time.

How to Change a Fuel Pump: The Detailed Guide        

Before replacing the fuel pump, it is wise to have some basic knowledge about where different parts of your car exist. Read your manual and be confident about if you can do the replacement. Else, it is advised that you take your vehicle to a professional instead of choosing the DIY way.

Things You will Need:

  • Replacement fuel pump assembly
  • Jack and jack stands or lift
  • Wrench or socket set
  • Vehicle-specific repair manual
  • Hand-siphon pump
  • Gasoline container
  • Rags or kitty litter to handle the spill

Tip: You should also check the fuel tank for any damages so you can replace both at once. Do check the clogged filter, gas line, or an electrical problem as well.

How to change a fuel pump
Changing fuel pump when car produces explosion sound (Photo Source: tumblrgallery)

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Quick Steps to Fuel Pump Replacement

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Drain fuel from the tank
  • Remove fuel lines and electrical connectors
  • Loosen or remove the fuel tank filler neck
  • Support tank with jack or wood
  • Remove straps to remove the fuel tank
  • Undo fuel pump retainer ring
  • Remove the fuel pump and sender module

Any work-related to fuel should be cross-checked as if there should be no chances of catching fire. Repair your car in an open space with all the tools mentioned. Wear gloves and eyewear and disconnect the battery before going any further with fuel pump replacement.

The first step is about removing the fuel or the fuel tank. Remove the gas cap and measure how much fuel is present by inserting any stick-like thing. Get the container to collect the fuel and keep it under the tank. You can also remove the tank if it is empty or close to empty; do not remove a fuel tank that is full, or it can cause injury.

To do the replacement easy, get to the gas tank filler neck mounting bolts or remove the filler tube.

In the next step, you need to remove the electrical connectors and fuel lines. For this, you need to locate the electrical connector and inspect it for any damages or burns; replace it right away, if any.

For removing the fuel line, you should use the fuel line removal tool and use the container to collect the fuel just after you remove the fuel line. Disconnect or remove all the fuel vapor lines.

Continuing with the Steps 

Make sure all the wiring or the electrical connectors are detached. Support the tank using a jack as it comes pretty heavy. You should see the tank mounting bolts, loosen these bolts and remove the tank easily.

Now use an aerosol cleaner to clean the area there and remove the dirt. To access the fuel pump, remove the mounting bolts, and remove the unit. Make use of the hammer if the mounting bolts demand, and this will take the fuel pump off.

There should be no dirt or foreign material inside the space where you are replacing a fuel pump. Use a flashlight to have a glance there and get your new fuel pump.

Remember that your new fuel pump should be identical to the old one. Get a new gas level float arm and a new primary fuel filter as well.

Clean the mounting tools and seal the surface using a shop towel and carburetor cleaner. Get the new O ring gasket/seal and install it properly before you install the new pump.

When you have installed the fuel pump, get all the mounting bolts and secure them tightly to keep everything in place.

Put everything back in order or reverse the steps, and there you have it the new fuel pump installed.

Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pump             

Certain things happen when the fuel pump goes bad other than the car does not start. If your engine makes explosive sounds even to some extent before acting normally again, it is a sign of the ad fuel pump.

Also, if you encounter the temperature of the car going high using the temperature gauge, it is a sign about changing fuel pumps. Similarly, you can check the fuel pressure gauge, and if it is more than what is suggested in the manual, it indicates the problem with the fuel pump.

How to change a fuel pump
Fuel pump wears out with time and needs a replacement (Photo Source: depositphotos)

What Happens with the Fuel Pump?

A fuel pump works like an electric motor that stays attached to the fluid pump. With time the motor wears out those results in weak fuel pressure or no fuel passage at all. Replacing the fuel pump gets everything back in order if the issue is with the fuel pump and not any other parts.

The Overall Cost for Fuel Pump Replacement

The fuel pump replacement kit charges anywhere from $110.00 and $240.00 (US). The kit can be purchased online or offline from the car shops which sell parts and assemblies of cars. Reading the Maintenance Tips about the fuel pump is always helpful to understand the replacement process easily.

However, if one needs to have the fuel pump replacement professionally, the labor cost would be there. This cost depends on the state as well as the place you opt for; if you want to do it yourself, then you only have to spend on the replacement kit.

replacing a fuel pump
Disconnect negative terminal of the battery before proceeding with replacement (Photo Source: istockphoto)


The cost of the replacement can be greatly compromised when the labor is not included. However, you should fix the fuel pump if you have some experience with your car in terms of repairs and if you understand the process of how to change a fuel pump completely. Also, you can watch some videos on fuel pump replacement in case of any doubt.