How to Calculate Fuel Consumption for a Specific Period

Planning to travel to a remote location? One crucial piece of information you must know in that case is the fuel consumption rate of your vehicle. To ensure having an adequate supply of fuel, you will need to know how to calculate fuel consumption. It will help you to figure out how much extra fuel you need to carry with.

How to Calculate Fuel Consumption

Figuring out how to calculate gas consumption is not difficult. You need to keep notes of two things: the amount of fuel in the tank and the distance you have traveled.

For example, if you have topped up the tank with “X” liters of fuel and it has been consumed after traveling “Y” km of distance, you have to multiply Y with 100 and then divide the number with X to find out the car’s fuel consumption rate per 100 km.

The fuel consumption formula is: X (fuel amount in liters) x 100 / Y (total distance in km)

Using this formula, you can easily calculate the amount of fuel your vehicle needs for crossing a certain distance. So, if your car goes 500km by consuming 60 liters of fuel, the consumption rate will be:

60 x 100 / 500 = 12

It means that your car will consume 12L of fuel for crossing 100km of distance.


How to Calculate Fuel Consumption Per Year

The formula is the same but you have to keep a logbook or an Excel sheet to find out the yearly fuel consumption rate. Some car models may have a system for keeping the information and show the figures through a display. If your car is not that much advanced, follow these steps to do the calculation easily:

  • Fill up the fuel tank to the full and note down the number of liters.
  • Bring the trip counter to ‘zero’.
  • At the time of next fill up, write down the number of kilometers you have crossed up to that point.
  • Repeat the steps for a certain period.

If your driving routine is almost similar across a month or year, you will get an approximate estimation through this method.

how to calculate gas consumption
By keeping a track, you can also figure out the gas expenses. (Source: PikRepo)

Add the number of all liters of fuel used for a certain period, like 15 or 30 days, and multiply it with 100. Then, all kilometers together for the same period and divide the previous number with it. You will get the fuel consumption rate per 100km for that specific period.

Note down the monthly figures in a separate sheet and divide the combined number with 12 at the end of the year to get the yearly consumption rate.


As now you know how to calculate fuel consumption, you can easily find out how many liters you are burning in a week or month. You just have to find out the figures and then use them in the formula to get the final result. This way, it also becomes easier to keep track of your fuel expenses for a given period.