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How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking: 2 Effective Methods

No matter how helpful the GPS tracking devices are, it can be an invasion of privacy and security threat in many cases. If you ever disapprove of this tracking and want to remove the digital tag from your car, we’re here to help. Learn how to block vehicle GPS tracking to stop the tracking immediately.

Two Methods for How to Block Vehicle GPS Tracking

Blocking a GPS tracking device means to disrupt its signal transmission. There are two common approaches to block someone from tracking a vehicle using GPS. These are:

Manual Blocking: Method 1

You can do this by using an aluminum wrapper or metal container.

A metal container is an ideal way to block a car GPS using the manual approach. Any metal electrically conductive, such as copper and silver, is capable of absorbing the carrier waves. For successful disruption in the signal transmission, keep the GPS tracking device in a metal container.

block vehicle GPS tracking
You can manually block the GPS. (Source: mohamed_hassan / PixaBay)

If you want to know how to block a vehicle’s GPS tracking using some unusual tricks, here is the one. It may sound crazy, but a single layer of aluminum foil can stop the functioning of a car GPS. Things you need to do are:

1. Find out the car antenna and the receiver of the GPS tracker.

2. Buy some consumer metal foil from the store and tightly wrap the antenna, receiver, and wires using it. Although a single layer using the standard 0.2mm foil should be enough for blocking the radio signals, use double layers for assured results.

3. Get duct tape to wrap around the foil and keep it in place. Sometimes the GPS antenna and receiver face a lot of wind when the car moves. For those situations, tape them with another stationary object for better stability.

Using GPS Blockers: Method 2

For a foolproof vehicle GPS blocking, GPS Blockers are the most preferred gadget. It prohibits GPS tracking devices from sending signals.

1. Get a GPS blocker that is affordable and meets all the requirements. Remember that some blockers can block signals up to a few meters, while some have a range up to several hundred feet. So, choose the model wisely depending on the area coverage you need. Its price can range from $50 to $1000.

2. To activate the gadget, plug it into the cigarette lighter socket or automobile outlet of the car. Thus, the location of the vehicle will remain invisible from the GPS monitoring systems.


Additional Tips

  • You do not always have to buy a GPS blocker device for the vehicle. Handheld blockers are equally effective in hiding the current location on a virtual map.
  • Using a blocker is a great way to skip the tracking, but it’s illegal to block the GPS tracking devices for legal reasons. Check out with the local law enforcement to see whether it’s legal or not.


GPS tracking of vehicles is one of the necessary safety protocols. But you may need to block it sometimes for some reason. After knowing how to block vehicle GPS tracking, it becomes easy to stop the GPS signal transmission.

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