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How to Bleed Brakes For Cars: A Step-by-Step Procedure

How to Bleed Brakes For Cars: A Step-by-Step Procedure
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Sometimes you may have a spongy or squishy feel when you engage the brakes. It happens when the level of the brake fluid in the master cylinder drops too low, and air bubbles get caught in the lines. Bleeding brakes is the process of removing those air bubbles from the brake system and flushing out old fluid and contaminants. Knowing how to bleed brakes for drivers will save your hassle and money.

Step-by-step Guideline on How To Bleed Brakes: 

You’ll need to have some tools and follow the right procedure to bleed the brakes of your vehicle before learning how to bleed brakes. Let’s take a look:

The Materials Needed For Bleeding Brakes

  • A brake bleeder wrench
  • A clean glass jar
  • A can of brake fluid
  • A helper

Procedures For Bleeding Brakes

Follow the procedure step by step for how to bleed brakes your car the right way:

Step 1: Locate The Brake Bleeder Screw

How to bleed brake
In order to process, the bleeder screw needs to be removed

The first step is to jack up your car and crawl underneath. In order to do that, find the brake bleeder screw located behind each of your brakes. Then driver can use the wrench to loosen but not remove the screw. If it’s stuck, spraying some penetrant around it will make your job easier.

Step 2: Connect And Fill

How to bleed brake
Let it flow

Connect and fill the jar is actually an important step for drivers to know how to bleed brakes. Fit one end of a hose into the end of the screw, and the put the other end in the glass jar or a bottle. Fill the jar with brake fluid at a level so that the hose’s end is submerged. If you can’t find any flexible hose, keep the jar near the nozzle so that it can catch the liquid squirting out of the nozzle.

Step 3: Test The Brake Fluid

How to bleed brake
You might need a friend to make this easier

Ask the helper (might be a friend or someone else) to sit in the driver’s seat and push the brake pedal several times. After that, open the bleeder screw while asking the helper to hold the pedal down. Brake fluid will come out of the nozzle, and you’ll see the bubbles (if there’s any) clearly. This is an essential step in how to bleed brakes.

Step 4: Remove The Bubble

how to bleed car brakes
It’s time to remove the bubbles

Now, tighten the screw when the helper is still holding the pedal down. After, tell him/her to release the pedal and repeat this process of loosening and tightening the screw until the fluid contains no more bubble. How to bleed brakes is something him/her does not need to understand, they just need to help with the pedal. Tell the helper to shout “Down” when pressing the pedal and “Up” when releasing it.

Step 5: Bleed The Brakes

How to bleed brakes
Fill up the cylinder with fluid is important

In order to master how to bleed brakes, You have to bleed each of the brakes by repeating the same process. However, it is necessary to fill up the master cylinder with brake fluid before bleeding each of the brakes. If you don’t do it, the cylinder will be drained out of fluid and draw air into the lines. In that case, it is necessary to bleed the master cylinder too.

Step 6: Tighten The Screw

How to bleed brakes
Connect the part again before jumping in the drivers seat

After bleeding the last brake and filling up the master cylinder to the full level, tighten the last bleeding screw. Drive the car a while to see if the brakes seem alright when you push the pedal.

Learning how to bleed brakes is not a complicated task. However, you will need patience and perseverance to complete the project successfully.

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Tips For A Successful Brake Breeding

Knowing and following the instruction of how to bleed brakes is one story. Bleeding brakes successfully and effectively however, is a different story. But worry not, we will help you by providing our greatest tricks to clean air bubbles from the brakes system.

Call Your Friend

How to Bleed brakes
Call for reinforcement to make it easier

In most of the cases, having another hand is always more helpful. When it comes to bleed brakes, 1 friend or two is definitely will shorten the processing time and effort for car owner. Do not forget that you need a person to press the pedal.

Not only that, it can also prevent you from a catastrophe. So a little help doesn’t sound too bad right?

Ignore The Bleed Block

How to Bleed brakes
Ignore the bleed block saves quite a lot of time.

Bleeding brakes should carry out with the bleed block, however, you can save a lot of time without it. So if you are in a hurry and need to finish the job quickly, ignoring the bleed block can speed things up a lot.

Driver should remember to be very careful when doing the removing bubbles with the brake pads is inside. If brake fluid contacts the pads, it will render them useless. Also, brake fluid is another thing to be looking for. Since the calliper pistons move outwards, the bleeding process can lead to fluid overfilled. You will need to expel the fluid in order for the pistons to be pushed back.

Although containing risks, this time-saving method is quite powerful when you are in a hurry.

Protect Your Surrounding

How to Bleed brakes
No one wants this beautiful room getting destroyed

Here comes the bad news for the house cleaner: DOT brake fluid is very aggressive, especially with floor. This corrosive fluid spillages will devour carpets and even laminate wood very quickly. So if you decide to learn how to bleed brakes in the kitchen or living room, be sure to protect your surrounding. A few layers of newspapers or mat will be able to save your bacon.

Degas Your Brake Fluid

How to Bleed brakes
Degassing is more important than you might think

In the process of bleeding brakes, degassing or removing tiny air bubbles is essential.

This technique is well-known to mechanics since it can rid most of the air outside new brake fluid. Even though many drivers believe it makes no difference, it is the main reason for bleeding the brakes.

Always Remember To Clean Up

How to Bleed brakes
Treat your best buddy like what he deserves

Last but not least, cleaning up. This is by far the most important tip, since it usually be too late for cleaning.

In order to finish the process smoothly, it is necessary to wipe down the surfaces of the brakes. This will remove the left hanging fluid around. We suggest to use paper towels for lever, along with a wet cloth to wipe away.

To understand more about how to bleed brakes, check out this video!

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