How Much Power Car AC Draws? The Facts

All cars these days come with an air conditioner. The HVAC system has become one of the basics today as one of the car’s features. Car’s aircon helps circulate the cool air in the cabin while drawing off the warmness. There are many components involved in making aircon a success and to keep it functioning. It is easy to understand that since various components contribute to making the AC working, these components must get their power from somewhere. Today, we are going to discuss how much power car ac draws, and how car aircon get their power.

How Much Power Car Ac Draws?

Ac’s direct power comes from the engine, and the more the AC performs, the more engine is used. This has a direct impact on the fuel and the total amount of the fuel that would be used depends on how high or low you operate the aircon. You may have noticed how the car’s engine RPMs increase when the compressor performs heavily.

However, when we talk about how much power ac draws from the engine, there is not a particular answer to that. The amount of power that the engine draws depends on the year and the model of a car.

How Much Power Car Ac Draws
Car Ac Keeps Cabin Cool In Summers. Source: WhichCar


The General Idea

As a general idea, a car’s ac consumes 1/4 HP or horsepower if you run it low on a normal day. On a humid or hot day, it can consume somewhere 10 HP when the fan runs on full. Also, it depends on how much you accelerate!

Most cars that manufactured after the year 2000 come with a relay that shuts off the AC when the throttle is wide open. This ensures an ample amount of power for the engine when the acceleration rate gets higher.

Also, it depends on the car too such as if it is a full luxury or a subcompact. Since a subcompact has a relatively smaller engine, it will be more affected during the AC operation than a V8 engine. Read more Maintenance Tips and troubleshoot every issue of your car.

Another factor in the total power consumption is whether or not you keep the windows open. Even if a single window is open when the aircon works, it does affect the overall power used from the engine. That is why it is always recommended to close all the windows when the AC is functioning.

When one wants to go more economical then he should consider opening the car’s windows while keeping the AC off. When your car is on speed and you have the windows open, it would be less humid inside, and that way, you can save on fuel.

How Much Power Car Ac Draws
Ac Draws Power From Engine In A Car. Source: The Mirror


To save even more, you can put all unnecessary accessories to Off, and run AC only. That way you would be having cool air without drawing much power. So by being a little strategic inside the cabin, one can save the overall cost that you pay for your aircon. So now you understand how much power car ac draws, and how it can be controlled, we hope you would bring the tips to use.