Car AC Blowing Hot Air: Troubleshooting the Dilemma

Imagine hopping into your car, switching on your AC, and an instant gust of hot air on your face. We know it feels weird and pretty unease to see car ac blowing hot air or when the AC acts as a heater. However, it happens, and you go like “What the heck.” Luckily, the issue can be solved, and here is how to do that.

Understand the reasons first and get onto having a chilling AC again-

Car AC Blowing Hot Air: Get To Know the Major Components First

  • The refrigeration process is a result of some components that work together to create the cooling effect inside a vehicle. The major components are the refrigerant fluid, the compressor, condenser, and the electrical wiring as well.
  • The refrigerant fluid is responsible for soaking the heat from the interior and thus helps in keeping it cool.
  • A compressor as its name works by compressing the air and creating a pressure differential to cycle the refrigerant in the AC.
  • The condenser works to remove the heat absorbed by the refrigerant fluid.
  • The electrical wiring supplies the needed power and ensures that everything works without any failure.

Let’s Head To the Reasons That Make the AC Blow Hot Air

You don’t have to bear those scorching summer days anymore just because of the AC malfunctions. Here we are going to give you the exact reasons that cause this issue along with the solutions.

There Is a Refrigerant Leak

This is one of the common reasons that make the car ac blowing hot air. The refrigerant leak can happen at any spot in the entire conditioning process. That is why it may be a bit difficult sometimes to encounter the exact space where the leak happens.

The AC sealants that are available in the market can be a solution, however. Make sure you empty the system so there is no water left and the sealant can meet the right spot to turn into a seal afterward.

car ac blows hot air
Measure Car AC pressure to identify the refrigerant leak. (Photo Source: autoyas)

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The Condenser Is Obstructed

Condenser works to cool down the air conditioning unit by using the airflow that comes from the front of the car. When the condenser malfunctions or there are obstructions in the path that do not allow proper airflow, the AC blows off hot air.

The issue can easily be solved by having a look at the condenser that you can find in the front of the car. Generally, it is easily visible to see if anything is blocking the condenser.

The Condenser Is Broken

If there is an equipment failure with the condenser, then it is a reason for car air conditioner blowing hot air. A condenser can be damaged from the road debris as it stays near the grille area. So if you notice punctures or damages in the condenser, then a replacement can be the only solution. However, you should always take your car to the professionals and see if a replacement is mandatory or a repair can do the job.

Damaged Wiring

When car ac blowing hot air, the possibility of having a damaged wiring system is high. When any wire is broken that connects to the AC system, it creates the issue. If you are able to locate the wiring and find any malfunctioning there, use the electrical tape to mend the wiring. If there is nothing that can be encountered, you can make use of a professional car inspection.

Damaged Wiring
A damaged wiring system could lead to your car AC blowing hot air. (Photo Source: dtservicecentre)

Faulty Cooling Fans

Fans make the AC unit to receive cooling properly. In case you have faulty fans, there is no doubt “car blowing hot air instead of cold.” A visual inspection can easily let you know if something is wrong with the fans.

Replacement is the only way to address the trouble as you can’t mend the fans like wires. Get a quality fan that can withstand all the dust and debris during driving, so you can be served for longer.

The Compressor Wears Off

A compressor doesn’t need to get damaged or broken in order to malfunction. The continuous use also leads to the issue that your AC starts blowing hot air. With time, the condenser loses its power of supporting the refrigerant to regulate the cool air. When it happens, your condenser needs a replacement. Thus, it is advised that if this is the case of a worn condenser, install a new one.

Faulty AC Actuator

There is a part called AC actuator in the anatomy of an AC system. When you set the AC at a specific temperature, the actuator controls the opening and closing of the airflow. When this actuator fails, it no longer controls the opening and closing of the door, and thus the ac blows hot air in car.

In this case, the replacement of the AC actuator is the solution. Since it is a cheap part to replace, you easily go to a professional or do it yourself. Generally, it charges you less than $100. You can locate the actuator above or below the coil. Sometimes, with minor repairs, it can be brought on the track; otherwise, a replacement always works. Keep your car shielded against various hazards by visiting Maintenance Tips.

Can You Drive A Car With A Blown Compressor?

It is okay to drive your car with a failed AC compressor as long as you do not need the cool air. However, a failed compressor should not affect other belt-driven accessories in your car. If the compressor pulley works smoothly or if you do not hear any grinding noise, you should be without having the compressor repaired.

Blown Compressor
You should also check the AC compressor (Photo Source: ford-truck)

The Endnote!

You don’t have to lose hope just because your car ac blowing hot air. In most of the cases, the fix will be a cheap one. So, if you can recognize precisely what is causing the AC to malfunction, bring the solution accordingly. Alternatively, you can always ask a professional to do the job!