How Much Does a Serpentine Belt Cost?

The serpentine belt is a belt on a car’s engine that works together with another accessory of the drive belt system. The function of this belt is to supply sufficient power to the power steering, AC, and even the water pump of the cooling system. So, as soon as the vehicle starts, it begins to operate and supply power to the different components at the same time. In case this belt has worn out or has damaged somehow, there would be no chance of the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Some people don’t replace the bad belt, wondering it to be an expensive task. But how much does a serpentine belt cost? Well, we are going to find an answer to that here.

How Much Does a Serpentine Belt Cost

Well, some car owners do not replace the serpentine belt, as they think it would be a costly affair. But, the fact is the opposite. Neither do the replacement cost nor buying it for the first time would cost you an arm and a leg. So, go for replacement whenever you find that the belt is broken, worn out, or damaged.

Let’s see how much does a serpentine belt cost! Well, if we talk about buying a new one, it would cost you somewhere between $25 and $75. The replacement cost, however, is going to be anything from $90 to $200. So, as most of us were thinking about the replacement cost, it is not too high. The cost varies depending on the quality of the belt you choose for your vehicle.

Besides the fact that your car won’t run if the belt is not in proper working condition, it becomes essential for us all to replace the old or damaged belt as and when needed. Knowing some maintenance tips that experts also follow can also help any person to maintain the car well.

How Much Does a Serpentine Belt Cost
The cost of replacing old belt and buying new belt differs. (Photo Source: 1car)

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Symptoms of a Bad Serpentine Belt

As every component of the car will hint you in advance through some symptoms, chances are bad serpentine belt would do that too.

So, here are some signs that you should notice to identify the bad serpentine belt.

Hearing those Squealing Sounds

Especially the front of the vehicle will make some squealing sounds in case of a broken belt. There is a possibility of misalignment or slippage of the belt that is resulting in some cranky noises. The best way to get rid of the misaligned belt is to get it diagnosed from a professional as soon as possible. These noises are also an indication that your vehicle might not be working so efficiently in the coming time.

Unable to Move the Steering Wheel

Serpentine belt supplies enough power for a steering wheel to work correctly. It lets the driver move the power steering well from one side to another. However, if you have a broken belt, the chances are that the steering wheel will not run as smoothly. The steering wheel will become hard, and you will be unable to move it smoothly.

Engine Overheating

This belt is even responsible for the functioning of the water pump, which further cools down the engine. The engine with continuous working overheats. It is essential to keep the temperature of the engine cool so as it doesn’t overheat. But, in case, the serpentine belt has become old, there will be chances that the engine will result in overheating.

So, if you want to stop that engine from heating whenever you drive your car, it is essential to keep a regular check on the serpentine belt and replace it whenever needed.

How Much Does a Serpentine Belt Cost
Continuous car usage heats up the engine. (Photo Source: cars-care)

No Cool Air from Air Vents

There will be no more cool air soothing you from the heat once this belt goes terrible. It is crucial to replace it from time to time to maintain the coolness inside the vehicle. One of the functions of the serpentine belt is to keep the cold air coming from the air conditioner of the car. A bad belt won’t be able to do that. It will keep the air coming out of the air vents, but that will not be cool anymore. Hence, a hotter inside which will be a complete mess in the summers.

Belt Shows Damage

Yes, the simplest would be to open the hood of the car and see if there are visible cracks on the belt itself. If that is the case, you must know that the belt is no more in its working condition. The belt needs replacement and that too, as soon as you have noticed the cracks and damage.

How Much Does a Serpentine Belt Cost
Replace broken belts for proper car functioning. (Photo Source: goldeagle)

What Have We Learnt?

Well, we have learned that there is an answer to how much does a serpentine belt cost. Besides, there is no point in keeping a misaligned or damaged serpentine belt inside your vehicle. It is best to replace it from time to time for the smooth functioning of your car. So, check for these symptoms and see if your car is showing up any of these. If it does, fix it right there and then.