Honda VTEC: How It Is Different From Regular VTECs?

VTEC or Valve Timing Electronic Control is an innovative approach in a car’s engine introduced by Honda. It is one of the hot topics that a car enthusiast would want to stay updated with. The Honda VTEC performs just like its name where the valve timing is controlled for better engine efficiency and thus overall improved power.

Today, we will read about it in detail so you can understand how exactly VTEC functions and how it is different from regular engines.

What Is Honda VTEC: How Is It Different?

As to understand Honda VTEC, it is crucial to know how an engine works and what aspects are responsible for bringing the performance. In general, valves and camshaft are two major parts in an engine responsible for delivering the overall performance or efficiency.

A camshaft is a shaft with cams attached to it. These cams control the valves in an engine that is responsible for controlling the flow of fluids. Hence, the way a camshaft functions directly affects the flow of liquid in an engine.

Honda VTEC- Know about it here
A camshaft is a shaft with cams attached to it (Photo Source: honda)

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Honda with the introduction of Honda VTEC provides increased fuel efficiency and overall improved power. It is achieved using two camshaft profiles instead of one. Using these two camshafts, a vehicle can switch its performance, such as if you want to run your car on low RPM or high RPM.

The camshafts achieve different RPMs by controlling the valves for the intake of the air. More air intake is required when you want to produce more horsepower, and less air intake means less speed or power. This way, using the Honda VTEC achieving both of these situations is possible. It is not a possibility with regular VTECs as they only feature single camshaft, and hence, the valves cannot change the amount of air intake.

Understanding The Concept Deeply

By now, you have a basic idea of what is a VTEC engine. To understand it deeply, you need to have an idea about the lobes. Lobes play a key role in a camshaft as being a part of it. The valve movement or how much the valve will lift depends on the lobe’s height. The more a lobe’s height is, the more lift a valve gets, and it means the more airflow and fuel will enter. Have more idea about engines and ways to generate more power here Maintenance Tips.

Honda VTEC- Amazing things to know about it
To understand it deeply, you need to have an idea about the lobes (Photo Source: honda)

In simple words, a lobe’s height is directly proportional to the overall air and fuel intake. Honda VTEC features enough height for the lobe that a driver can experience an enhanced power than any normal engine. As Honda uses two camshafts, the driver can always adjust the amount of speed he needs, such as low RPM or high RPM. This is how does VTEC work for a more efficient driving by sucking customized air and fuel.


Honda VTEC tweaks the valve timing and allows for increased air and fuel mixture. The more air and fuel the engine burns the more power you generate. So, Honda liberates you while driving where the rider initiates and finishes the ride on his spirit.