How To Fix Reduced Engine Power Of Your Car

Modern-day cars contain anywhere from 50 to 100 sensors, which makes these smart cars. These sensors execute different functions, including monitoring different systems of the car and providing operational data when someone is driving the vehicle. Sensors also give warning about any problems, which might arise in any car component.

However, even with so much technology running in your car, at times the car engine starts losing power unexpectedly. It has many drivers looking for how to fix reduced engine power solutions. So in this article, we will sum up the definition, the causes and the solutions of reducing engine power. 

What Does Reduced Engine Power Mean?

In order to understand the reasons and concept, car owners must acknowledge the definition of reduced engine power. In many situations, the performance of your vehicles is limited, and the engine power reduced warning indicates. The Powertrain control module, also known as PCM, triggers this mode when there is a system failure. In some other cases, the light may flash on the dashboard when there is a noticeable reduction in the car’s performance. 

To sum up, the meaning of “engine power reduced” warning light is: The performance of your automobiles has been decreased to prevent damaging the engine. And the illuminated light of engine power is the car’s telling you that it just entered fail-safe mode. The electronic control unit (ECU), or you can understand it simply as the car computer, triggers the Reduced Power Mode.  

Reasons For Reduced Engine Power of Your Automobile

There are various causes and possibilities causing the flashing light from the reduced engine power icon that we can list out. Not to mention, there are changes in fail-safe strategies every year. This means the message that you are seeing in the dashboard depends on the make, model and the year of your cars. 

Nevertheless, there are some more common issues that trigger the Engine Reduced Power message. For that reason, our car experts will list them out for drivers to recognize them. Here are the most popular problems causing the reduced engine power of your car: 

Diesel Engine Performance Issues

We now mention the first and by far the most common reason of reduced engine power of your vehicle: Diesel Engines Performance Problem. If you have a Duramax diesel engine, there are many issues that make the Reduced Engine Power warning sign illuminate. There are various factors related to Duramax-powered cars that mention Engine Reduced Power mode. They can be everything, from an air intake leak to a damaged sensor connector,… 

Throttle Body (Electronic Throttle Actuator) Issues

Another common problem that leads to reduced engine power of your vehicle is the electronic Throttle Actuator control system, also known as TAC.

This layout system was first created on the 1997 C5 Corvette as a mechanical throttle body. Nowadays, most modern GM cars use the electronic version instead of traditional throttle linkage. In the Throttle Actuator Control system, the PCM controls two accelerator pedal position sensors with the purpose of determining the desire of the driver. It can be either stop or acceleration. After that, the device calculates the right response from the throttle position sensors and sends it to the module. When it has all the essential information, an actuator motor will be in charge of the operation and control the airflow into the engine. 

Long story short, the throttle body is essential, and if it becomes faulty or dirty, it triggers reduced engine power mode.

Faulty Pedal Position Sensor

Bad pedal Position sensor is also one of the most common reasons why reduced engine power warning flash. A single issue in the TAC system, no matter where it is, can easily trigger the warning of Reduced Engine Power on the dashboard. It can be either one or both of the APP sensors. The reason for this might be the integration into the accelerator pedal.   

Bad Throttle Position Sensor

One of the most important issues that could lead to the engine power reduction is faulty throttle position sensor. As we all know, TP sensors is the other primary input to the throttle actuator control system. And this is the cause: If one of the sensors goes bad, the car will highly enter reduced engine power mode.

Circuit Problem

Simple isn’t it? Yet circuit issues like poor connections or damaged wires can affect the system greatly. And if the TAC system cannot operate properly, there will be many problems, and reduced engine power is one of them.

PCM or Data Network Issues

With nowadays technology, cars usually have various computers inside. These modules help the computers communicate with one another over a data network. However, if there is an interruption in the network, the car will trigger a reduced engine power sign. The same problem happens when the PCM is faulty. 

Idle Relearn Procedure Needed

Another issue related to reduced engine power of your vehicle is lack of idle relearn procedure. On some GM cars, this procedure is needed whenever the body of throttle is replaced or cleaned. If the driver forgets to provide it, the car will enter reduced engine power mode. 

Cooling System Problem

In some other cases, it is due to the overheating from faulty cooling systems. Whenever this happens, the mode will be triggered with the purpose of protecting the engine and the vehicle from further damage. 

Trouble With Engine Performance

Last but certainly not least, the engine performance problems illuminate the sign of reduced engine power of the automobile. There are many problems that could happen with the performance of the engine, one of which is a faulty high-pressure fuel pump. 

How To Fix Reduced Engine Power

When you take your car for repairs to a mechanic, they plug in their laptop and search for the issue affecting the engine performance. At times, it becomes hard to know how the engine power starts depleting in your vehicle without any apparent cause. You can browse online to know the best maintenance tips for your car engine. We have come up with a list of issues, which cause the problem along with the right solution.

1. Dirty Air Flow Sensor

Air is a vital element for the success of the combustion process, which is at the heart of the car engine. The airflow sensor inside your vehicle works by allowing air to pass over a heated wire. Depending on the speed of the airflow, it also affects the temperature of the heated wire. Simultaneously, the engine increases or decreases the amount of gasoline for the combustion process.

However, the issue starts when the wire gets dirty, and starts giving false readings. These readings cause the car engine to inject less gasoline than the standard requirement in the combustion process, which leaves drivers asking how to fix reduced engine power, as less gas reduces the engine power.

The Solution

You should start the car engine and open the hood to locate the sensor. Give it a couple of sharp taps, and if the engine falters, you have a dirty sensor inside the car. Disconnect the sensor and try restarting the engine. If the engine runs better without the sensor, it is clear that the sensor is dirty and needs appropriate cleaning.

Know Here How to Fix Reduced Engine Power
You should start the car engine and open the hood to locate the sensor (Photo Source: Autozone)

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2. Dirty Air Filters

The air filter in the car cleans the air entering inside the engine. It keeps dirt and other contaminants out of the car engine, which increases its functionality. At times, the car air filter might suffer from built up material filtered out of the airflow. In case, the built up becomes large; it affects the airflow, which can lead car owners to look for an effective how to bypass reduced engine power solutions.

The Solution

The air filter is located inside a rectangular plastic box near one side of the car engine block near the inside of the fender. You need to open the container in which the air filtration takes place. Now, remove the filter and hold it in front of the light. In case of dust and dirt being present, tap the filter against a hard surface to remove them.

3. The Fuel Pump

An essential component of the car fuel system is the fuel pump. Although it is electrically driven, at times the engine supplies it with power. It is located in the fuel tank. You need to understand that the fuel pump ages after some time and starts losing its effectiveness. If you drive the car with low fuel, it will not allow the fuel pump to cool down, which shortens its lifespan.

The Solution

You should neither replace nor check the fuel pump. Check the fuel filter, as the supply of fuel is the culprit here.

Ultimate Guide On How to Fix Reduced Engine Power
The Master’s Guide On How to Fix Reduced Engine Power(Photo Source: Carparts)


Hence, we hope that this blog provided the right answers to your how to fix reduced engine power question. Remember, these three are the most probable causes of your car engine power getting low.