What Are the Meanings of Ford Airbag Light Codes?

The airbags are the lifesaving accessory for the riders in a vehicle. You need to ensure that the airbag is fully functional before every ride. It is a matter of relief that in Ford cars, there is an airbag warning light that illuminates during any problem and displays a code corresponding to that situation. Since the issues range from minor to severe, drivers should know the meaning of all Ford airbag light codes.

What Do Ford Airbag Light Codes Mean?

The airbag codes of Ford cars have double-digit numbers. Remember, it will not display the codes in digits on a screen. Instead, the lights will flash with pause, and you need to decode the airbag light flashing Ford by counting the number of times the light is flashing. For example, if the light blinks twice, and then flashes three times after a pause, it means the airbag code is 23.

Ford airbag light codes
Airbag light (Source: Mechanic Base)

Codes 12 to 14

  • Code 12: This code is the warning about the low battery voltage.
  • Code 13: During events of the airbag short circuit, this code appears.
  • Code 14: This means the short circuit of the primary crash sensor.

Codes 21 to 24

  • Code 21: There is some problem with the diagnostic monitor mounting, and it requires your attention.
  • Code 22: Indicates a problem with the safing center output circuit. The issue is probably a shorting with the battery voltage.
  • Code 23: This code appears if the memory clear-circuit is not grounded correctly.
  • Code 24: It means a failed system disarm or some faulty in the internal diagnostic monitor.

Codes 32 to 35

Codes ranging from 32 to 35 indicate an issue with the driver and passenger-side airbags.

  • Code 32: It means the driver side airbag circuit is open or high resistance.
  • Code 33: The passenger-side airbag circuit with high resistance or open displays this code.
  • Code 34: This shows up when the driver side airbag has low resistance or short circuit.
  • Code 35: This code means there is a short circuit on the passenger side airbag.

Codes 41 to 45

Codes 41 to 45 will show up for the problems with the primary crash sensor of the RH and LF.

  • Code 41: If the primary crash sensor feed/return circuit of the right radiator is open, this code appears.
  • Code 42: This code means the primary crash sensor feed/return circuit of the left radiator is open.
  • Code 44: This means the improperly mounted right radiator crash sensor.
  • Code 45: For incorrectly mounted left radiator crash sensor, this code appears.


Codes 51 to 53

Codes 51 to 53 indicate the issues with airbag diagnostics.

  • Code 51: For a blown internal fuse of the airbag diagnostic monitor, this code will show up.
  • Code 52: If you get this code, there is a voltage boost fault in the back-up power supply.
  • Code 53: Ford car will flash this code if the front crash sensor has high resistance within the circuit or there is a failed diagnostic monitor.


Airbag light flashing works as a security measure because it indicates the exact related problems. If you have a clear idea of what are the meanings of Ford airbag light codes, it will be easy to fix the issues.