Flat Bottom Steering Wheel – The Benefits

Many cars these days come with a steering wheel that features a flat base. Well, the minor tweak in the steering wheel does make it look fancy and more appealing to the buyers. However, making it fancy was not the only plan of automobile designers. It seems like there were other reasons too or pros if we say specifically. So if you get confused about what purpose the flat bottom steering wheel serves with. Well. Let’s get to know here-

Understanding The Pros Of Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

It is common to see the flat steering wheel in the racing cars. As the seats and steering wheels are fixed in the race cars, it creates convenience for getting and out. But it is not just the race cars that are bestowed with the flat steering feature; it is the regular street or city cars too. And the reasons we are going to explore here-

1. Enough Leg Room

Enough leg room seems the first reason for which the car brands brought the concept of a flat bottom steering wheel in the light. As the circumference of the wheel gets compromised, it creates more space between the wheel and the seat. It makes the driver enter the car and getting out easily. Also, an obese person finds it almost a blessing with the flat wheel.

Once you are settled on your seat, it lets you move your legs freely and hence increases the overall driving comfort. This way, even for long driving hours, one can be on the seat without having the stiff legs.

Flat bottom steering wheel- explained
One can be on the seat without having the stiff legs. (Photo Source: eurocarnews)

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2. Premium Looks And Sturdiness

Well, as the flat wheel comes with all fancy cars these days, you definitely get a good quality steering wheel. Covered with leather and proper steering capabilities, the wheel in itself looks premium. The premium looks is another thing that many buyers get the car for.

Cars also feature a universal adapter that allows removing the existing steering wheel and mount the new one. So if you particularly like having the flat steering wheel in your car, you can always consult a professional repairer or do the mounting yourself.

Some steering wheels are made with the 3-Spoke design with aluminum rims. As aluminum is a light material, it makes the overall steering experience smooth. One can easily use the steering and get your car in the right direction even with one hand. This way, flat steering wheel allows a more relaxed and easy posture driving.

Flat bottom steering wheel- everything explained in detail
Some steering wheels are made with the 3-Spoke design with aluminum rims (Photo Source: carsguide)

3. Know Your Wheels Right Away

It may sound the simple reason for acquiring the flat steering wheel, but it is a worthy one. A steering wheel that is flat lets you know instantly if the wheels are straight. It is because of the flat position that faces the driver only when the wheels are straight. So this tiny advantage can be a great help sometimes.

Cars That Come With Flat Steering Wheel

There are a few brands that pay special attention to the interior of the vehicle that even they changed the steering wheel and make it a flat base. Let’s head to some models here-

1. Audi R8

The convertible car makes it look even cooler with its flat steering wheelbase. The overall look manages to make the car stay classic and contemporary. Perfect for the modern car lovers, this one deserves to be in your list.

2. Ferrari 458 Italia

Well, who is not aware of the Ferrari 458 Italia. The sharp convertible configuration is enough to speak all its specs plus the flat base steering wheel is of course there. Additionally, you can read out the factors that cause the windshield crack here Maintenance Tips.

3. Porsche Boxster Spyder

Those who want the personification and performance-oriented vehicle, Spyder is the perfect one that comes bestowed with the flat steering wheelbase. This super fast and freaking beauty thing is worth having a look at.

4. Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen has also launched the concept of a flat wheelbase in the form of Volkswagen GTI. Being a simple and carefully engineered car, the brand took care of its interior style. It is a great town car that anyone hoping for a flat wheel can consider in the list.

Flat bottom steering wheel
Flat bottom steering wheel (Photo Source: carousell)


Flat bottom steering wheel comes majorly included in the sporty cars or the premium ones. So if you are considering buying a new car, do explore the brands that feature the flat steering. Make sure you have a test ride and see how comfortable it is for you. Check out the covering material, the rotation quality, and how well the steering takes action on the tires.

In the automobile industry, many brands have been taking the interiors to the next level. Based on your preferences and budget overall, you can explore the long list of models that include a flat base steering wheel.