Engine Immobilizer System – Symptoms That Shows It Has Gone Bad

Have you ever thought about how these car-manufacturing companies are making our vehicles more secure? Well, they have installed an engine immobilizer system in the cars, which is an anti-theft device to protect your vehicles against any such attacks. So, in case someone tried to steal your vehicle, all thieves had to do was hotwiring. That’s when this device comes into the picture. It doesn’t allow the culprits to do hotwiring in your car. Only the owner (or the person who has car keys) will be able to get into the vehicle and drive.

Vehicles are nothing more than mere bits of metal assembled. You must know that there are chips installed in it, which makes it easier to send signals from the car key to the immobilizer system on starting. It first confirms the genuineness of the key that has begun the vehicle before allowing the ignition to commence. Once confirmed, the fuel system and engine come into action.

Now, wonder what happens when this system is bad! What would happen to the security of your vehicle? And, how to identify it in the first place to solve the issue?

Engine Immobilizer System – How to Identify when it has gone Bad?

This system, when goes bad, result in malfunctions in different components of the vehicle. It needs an expert’s eye to identify these symptoms and take action to fix it.

Specific symptoms would make it clear in advance that the engine immobilizer system has gone wrong, and here are some of the most important ones that will let you identify the same. Also, keep in mind specific maintenance tips too, which might help you in managing your vehicle better in the long run.

The Engine Remains Out of Order

The immobilizer doesn’t let the engine start, in case a proper security token is not provided. You can try starting it, but it won’t start if that is the case. Always check the wiring of the car immobilizer, as there you can find the reason why your engine is not working.

Car Immobilizer
Engine will not start if the car immobilizer is not working. (Photo Source: driving)


The Car Doors Misbehaves (Lock & Unlock)

One of the bad key chip symptoms is that you won’t be able to lock or unlock the car doors. So, how can you test it? Try locking or unlocking the vehicle with a car key, and you won’t see anything happening there. This is one of the symptoms that the immobilizer system of your car has gone bad.

What can you do here? Try replacing the car key’s battery and try locking and unlocking the doors again. And, if even that doesn’t help, there is undoubtedly an issue with the immobilizer system of your vehicle.

The result of a lousy key could be the failure of sending proper signals to the immobilizer, hence no adequate car functioning.

Look for a locksmith nearby or get your vehicle towed to some professional to make it work again.

Bad Key Chip Symptoms
The car doors will not open using the Keys. (Photo Source: freephotos)

The Alarming System Malfunctions

It is easy to identify bad transponder key symptoms; it won’t be able to transmit a message to the immobilizer system, hence leading to certain alarming system malfunctions.

Bad immobilizer means a corrupt alarm system in the vehicle. So, if the chip of that transponder key is bad or the immobilizer doesn’t work, the result would be a failure of smooth car functioning.

The quality of the alarm system installed also plays a vital role. If a thief steps near your car or breaks the glass somehow, it won’t allow the alarm hum to go off.

The Wiring Corrodes

So, we told you how to tell if the chip in your key is bad. Now, how will you identify if the engine immobilizer system has gone bad? Well, go straight to the system and inspect the wiring. There will be visible damage, corrosion, or maybe other wear and tear there. If that is the scenario of your vehicle too, you must know that the immobilizer system has gone wrong.

How to fix it? Well, get it checked by the professionals and ask for wiring replacement as soon as possible to get your car back to normal functioning.

How To Tell If The Chip In Your Key Is Bad
Professionals can replace damaged wires. (Photo Source: imagup)

What Have We Learned?

Apparently, the immobilizer system is a vital device that keeps the vehicle safe even when it has the chance of attack by theft or so. Who doesn’t want to secure their vehicle with a few instalments and changes? It is best to have an immobilizer system vehicle that can provide the utmost security to your car.

Yes, it would demand a few investments from time to time, but that’s purely a part of making your vehicle secure. So, why not invest in an engine immobilizer system rather repenting on the theft attacks later on.

Just keep in mind these symptoms, inspect the vehicle aptly when needed, and make your vehicle a secure thing to drive thereafter.