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The Differences Between DSG Transmission Variants

Transmission of an automobile plays a major role in performance. Numerous auto-manufacturing companies prefer automatic transmissions these days. Automatic transmission vehicles offer comfort and smoothness while driving. Increasing traffic is the main reason people go for automatic transmission instead of manual ones. Direct Shift Gearbox or DSG transmission is an infamous system in this day and age. The particular transmission system is present in Volkswagen group vehicles. Some people use the term VAG vehicles for the same as well. DSG transmission comprises a great number of types and forms. These variants are all different in one way or other. One can find the chief variants of this transmission in Audi, Bentley, and other Volkswagen vehicles.

Let us discuss the features and major variants of DSG transmission here.

What Are The Differences Between Various DSG Transmission Systems?

Various types of DSG transmission with different features are there. Every transmission system has its working and functionality. The design and components of this transmission system remain the same. The details and working of transmission change according to the car type and category. The entire system comprises a control unit, manual gear types, and a dual clutch system. Gear shifting in DSG transmission is the same as that of the manual system. An automatic gear system requires more oil and fluids to work smoothly.

DSG transmission comprises two clutches working at the same time. It is not the same as traditional vehicles. One clutch works for odd number gears while the other works for even number gears. Different clutch for different gears makes the driving smoother and comfortable. Shifting gears is much easier when you have two clutches doing the same work at once.

Let us find the differences between various DSG transmission systems.

Gear Box Type

The number of gears matter in DSG transmission vehicles. Some systems come with 6-speed gears while some are 7-speed. It is essential to talk about the gearbox type while defining the transmission system. Some gear shifting systems come with transverse transmission while others are inline to the car length. Volkswagen group vehicles have transverse transmission system and 6-speed gearbox. Most of the Audi cars come with the inline transmission system.

DSG Transmission
DSG Transmission- The Latest Transmission System (Photo Source: pixabay)

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Wet or Dry

Clutch assembly in some cars is present inside the transmission system. The transmission system in cars requires a high amount of fluid to work smoothly. It means that the dual clutch system is always in the oil and remains wet all the time. On the other hand, the dual clutch assembly in some cars is outside the transmission system. It defines that the clutch system remains dry.

Efficiency & Smoothness

Regular upgrading in the transmission technology helps to make our rides efficient and smoother. Starting from DQ 250, DQ 200, Dl 501, DQ 500, DQ 511, and many more, there is a great alteration in the automotive industry. According to expert maintenance tips, the use of electric motors in the transmission is also a huge difference in cars with DSG transmission.

DSG Transmission
What makes DSG Transmission Systems Differ? (Photo Source: autocar)

The Final Thoughts

There you have it! These differences made the DSG transmission a better clutch system for automobiles nowadays. Make sure to identify the same while buying your favorite car.

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