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Dry Car With Leaf Blower – Should You Be Using It?

When it comes to cleaning and drying the car, one has to be strategic about it. Though there are many cleaners out there that make your car sparkling clean, there are not many methods to dry your car. As the best solution, experts always recommend using a soft microfiber towel. The deal is to keep the paint from scratching while drying the water. In other methods when we use water blades, a cotton towel, or let the car dry naturally, the risk of scratching the paint is always there. That is why leaf blower can be a great alternative to all the methods. Let’s see why it is a great idea to dry car with leaf blower       

Dry Car with Leaf Blower: The Best Method!         

A car shouldn’t be left for natural drying since it leaves water spots afterward. All other methods are also prone to scratching the car’s paint. There is no method that saves the paint completely, but the leaf dryer does the least damage among all.

Also, if you are careful enough while using the method, maybe you get no scratch at all. Leaf dryer needs the least contact with the car, and hence it is the cleanest method out there.

Using leaf blower to dry car
Using leaf blower saves car from scratches. Cre: SHUTTERSTOCK/REDPIXEL.PL

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Leaf dryer and its benefits-

1. Speed 

Every method needs you to manual polish all over the car surface while protecting the paint. This in itself is a timely process. Using leaf blower to dry car is a machine-based process that blows air at high speed and without making contact with any of the surfaces, you can dry your car instantly.

It just takes a minute or two to completely dry your car after a wash!

2. Cost 

Another very important reason that makes the leaf blower a must is cost-effectiveness. Since people don’t buy a leaf blower particularly for drying the car, the device already exists for the backyard. These blowers last a lifetime, and you spend once, and that is too for the yard.

Also since you won’t need any towels, you won’t have to wash any.

3. Efficiency 

A leaf is not just perfect for drying the car in a minute, but it is the most efficient method as well. While washing car water can easily get in the ways where it is impossible to take the towel. Since the leaf blower dries by blowing the air at speed, it dries out all the nooks without even getting there. However for that you have to choose the best cordless blower for drying car.

Best cordless blower for drying car
Cordless leaf blower makes job straightforward. Source: Youtube

Downside of the Leaf Blower

Since it is a blower that operates at high speed, it may create a lot of dust while you dry the car. This dust or debris may stick to your vehicle. Don’t let the shine of your car go off, follow these maintenance tips.

The blower also performs a noisy operation, this results in increased noise pollution as compared to other methods.


You can dry car with leaf blower or you can use the alternatives. In both cases you need to make sure that you handle things very well, so you don’t scratch the paint every time while drying. This becomes a matter of concern especially when the car is brand new.

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