Does Fix A Flat Work? Get the Correct Answer

Fix A Flat is a tire-repairing substance that comes in a metal can. It is an emergency repair product that comes in handy in places where professional services are not available. Does Fix A Flat work? Let’s find out how effective this tire-repairing product is.

What Is Fix A Flat?

Fix A Flat comes in a 16-oz. canister that contains liquid tire sealant with a small amount of air. By following some simple instructions, you can use this liquid sealant to plug off tiny holes or punctures in your car tires.

Does Fix A Flat work
This product offers a quick fix. (Credit: Fix-a-Flat)

When you use Fix A Flat, its latex foams plug the leak and the propellant expands inside to inflate the tire. This combination is able to seal any minor hole. One canister has enough substance to fill up the tire and get the rim off the ground.

This sealant also includes a couple of corrosion inhibitors. These elements are effective in preventing rust formation and several other types of damage to the wheels.

Does Fix A Flat Work?

Yes, it does. However, this is not a permanent solution. It will put a temporary seal to the puncture, so you can park the car somewhere safe and call for roadside assistance or drive to a nearby repair shop.

Fix A Flat mostly works as a backup plan when you don’t have a spare tire in the trunk. Its efficiency also depends on the type of damage the tire has. The sealant is good for fixing tiny holes or minor damage. Use it for fixing issues like a slow leak around the rim or a tiny puncture. The slime (latex foam) in the substance solidifies against the inside tire wall, covering the puncture in the process.

However, Fix A Flat is not a solution for all types of damage. A bigger puncture or slit in the sidewall cannot be fixed with this sealant. Also, one canister does not have enough air to inflate a tire that is deflated to the point of touching the rim.

Fix A Flat is weather-sensitive too. The sealant freezes in cold weather; below 32 degrees, to be more specific. So, you cannot use it if you live in a really cold area unless you store it in a place where the temperature is more than 32°F. A frozen canister needs to be kept in a warm place for an hour or two for making the substance liquid again.



Does Fix A Flat work? Hope you have already got the answer. It’s just a temporary solution that can no way be the alternative to professional tire repair service. If you use this sealant in an emergency situation, don’t forget to take the car to a mechanic as soon as you can. Fixing the punctured tire with a patch or plug is the only way to keep the tire running for a few more years.