A Brief Discussion of The Types of Rim

Rims refer to the wheel’s exterior circular construction. The inside edge of a tire is mounted on them. People often interchange the terms ‘rims’ and ‘wheels’ but they have differences. A wheel means a complete setup that includes rims and tires. There are various types of rim and it is necessary to choose the right one considering the vehicle’s model and the performance you are expecting it to deliver.

The functions of the rims are to boost the performance and look of the wheels. Unless they are high-quality, the tires won’t function at their full potential.

Types of Rim: Choose the Right One

Steel was the main ingredient of all standard types of wheel rims before 2010. Also, the molding was done onto sets of spokes. Both these aspects have changed now. You can see various types of rim forged from different materials and formed into different sizes. They are also manufactured from a single metal piece.

Rims influence the performance and handling of a vehicle. They play a vital role in enhancing safety and aesthetics too. Check these varieties of rims that are available these days:


Being the cheapest and one of strongest of all the options, steel rims used to be the most popular choice among the drivers. However, their heaviness (three times heavier than aluminum) is a downside that plummets their demand these days.

types of wheel rims
Aluminum Wheel Rims. (Photo Source: rimcar)


Most modern cars use alloy wheels because the weight of aluminum – the primary metal in their rims – is much lower than steel. They can be made of various metal but the ones made of aluminum alloy offers the best performance.

Sometimes, you will see the alloy rims with silver or gold coating. It has nothing to do with the performance but to add to the beauty by giving the wheels an opulent finish.

Alloy rims are durable and increase the handling capacity of a vehicle. They are also reasonably priced. The aluminum-magnesium alloy combo is better than an aluminum-nickel option because it is less expensive and more responsive to braking.



These rims are mostly meant for aesthetics than for performance. These are not made of solid chrome but a coating of the metal over a steel or aluminum base. They are used as a fancy, shiny polish for the rims of show and sports cars.

In the past days, adding a chrome layer to steel or aluminum alloy wheels was expensive. However, the modern-day chroming technique lowers the expenses down. Chrome rims are slightly heavier than aluminum alloy models but they don’t catch rust easily.

Choose chrome wheels for your car only when you live in an area with mostly sunny and dry weather. The metal gets scratched pretty easily. It will lose shape quickly if you drive it in snow and rain.

Colors and Spinners

types of rim
Color Wheel Rim. (Photo Source: thewikihow)

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These two types of rim don’t exactly make any performance-basis difference. They make the wheels more attractive and stylish. You can add any color of your choice – black, white, or yellow.

Spinning wheels also do the same function of adding to the beauty, nothing else. They spin when the car moves and keep gyrating a while after the car is stopped.