The Suggestions For The Best Color Rims For A White Car

The wheel rims are a few of the areas that you can enhance without spending much. One such inexpensive fix is painting the rims. However, it’s a bit confusing to choose the best color rims for a white car. 

A major percentage of the vehicles sold worldwide is white. It is a standard color that looks decent and suits any occasion. But, there is no harm in trying to uplift the look sometimes. 

You can choose to paint them in any color you want but not every shade will look good on a white vehicle.

Best Color Rims For A White Car

Adding a custom wheel color can look stunning if you can choose the right color. You can seriously consider these choices as the best rim color for white car.

The Common Picks: Chrome and Black

Both these colors are widely seen in a wide range of vehicles and they also work well with white cars.

Chrome is a classic color. It’s the safest bet when it comes to custom wheel color because it works on any car and any paint job.

best color wheels for white car
Black or Chrome, or a combination of both will look classic and stunning. Source: Mobile01

Black is also a good choice although it exudes a flamboyant style. It blends with the black tires but stands out against the white body of the car. 

If you are driving a sedan or saloon, the black rims will give it the look of a racing car. If it’s an SUV, they will give the impression of ‘floating’ on the road when you are driving.

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Go with the Neat and Clean White

White is one of the best color rims for white car because it is a clean, no-fuss, presentable color. White cars with white rims look highly elegant and perfectly streamlined without appearing kitsch. 

However, you have to choose the right shade of white to create a coordinating look. There are beige, off-white, crisp white, and a few other shades. 

Choose the one that matches the shade of the car. Consult a professional if you don’t know the exact shade of white on your car.


Choose a Bright Shade

Many car owners can’t muster up the courage to paint their white car rims with a bright, vibrant color thinking that it will look good in a racing car only or in a video game. 

But, you will be surprised to know that dazzling colors like red, orange, green, and other similar hues can breathe new life into the monochromatic look of your white car.

red rims on white car
When done right, bright rims will look breathtaking. Source: KBB

If you can do it right, the paint will look gorgeous on the rims. The only downside is you may not get the best price for the car at the time of selling if the buyer does not like your quirky taste in colors. 

However, if you don’t have any plan to sell, you should embrace this color customization.

Can You Paint Car Rims On Your Own?

If the rims you now have are in perfect condition and you don’t want to replace them, you can think about painting them. 

You can hire someone to complete this task for you if you lack the necessary expertise. In comparison to purchasing new ones, painting your car’s rims might cost anywhere between $100 and $350. 

Here are the steps you can follow to execute this rim painting project by yourself:

  • The car is jacked up and set on supports. 
  • Take the wheels off.
  • The surface should be buffed and the rims cleaned. To remove any pollutants, filth, or rust, use a wire brush. Use steel wool and sandpaper to remove any hard-to-remove places. 
  • You need to protect the tire rubber once the surface has been cleaned. Cover the tire with painter’s tape and a drop cloth. 
  • Put on safety equipment before painting. To protect yourself from danger, put on an old pair of clothes, a face mask, and safety glasses.
  • Priming the wheels with paint comes first. 
  • Once the primer has completely set, evenly spray your selected color onto the wheels.
  • Apply a clear coat finish to the rims when the color has fully dried. 

Make sure the spray paint you choose for your rims is appropriate for the material. Not all spray paints are appropriate for use on wheels composed of steel, alloy, or aluminum. 

Check out the video below to know how to paint the wheels to get the best color rims for a white car! 

FAQs on Best Color Rims For White Car

  1. Is black look good on any car rims?

Any car may seem appealing and gorgeous with black rims. Black wheels make sports vehicles appear sportier than they really are since it is a truth that sports cars have a distinct fan base! 

Sports vehicles are designed to be forceful and robust. They also require rims that may be used for this.

  1. Does a white car with gold wheels look good?

The uncommon cars that look nice with gold wheels on are those that are plain, white in color. In fact, among vehicle fans for a long time, this was one of the most coveted combinations. 

The only issue would be that these two colors might clash if your car has many chromed trimmings. But there are two straightforward solutions to this. One includes using Plasti-Dip or a comparable product to paint the chrome white. The alternative is to select silver rimmed gold wheels.

  1. What color compliments rim colors for white cars the best?

Generally speaking, black wheels with a gloss or matte surface look the best on a white automobile. Installing a set of black-painted alloy wheels can give your vehicle a subtle yet striking look. 

As an alternative, you may choose gloss white rims with vivid accent colors if you’re going for a more athletic appearance. To emphasize the idea even further, use the same color for body decals like racing stripes or banners. 

best color rims for a white car
You may choose gloss white rims with vivid accent colors if you’re going for a more athletic appearance. (Photo: Replicarclub)

There are other wheels made of bronze or gunmetal, which have a more distinctive appearance. Finally, people who wish to stand out from the crowd can choose wheels in vivid colors like red or blue.

So here are our recommendations on the best color rims for a white car you may find helpful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the box below.

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