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What Happens if You Put Diesel in Gas Engine?

Gas engine ignites with the vaporized gas, which is lighter and less oily. So, pouring diesel into the gas engine, which is oilier and heavier than the gas can, no more than a disaster. However, according to the fact that there are fewer possibilities of the happening of such scenario, as diesel nozzle is bigger than those of the gas cars are. In addition, a plat prevents intrusion inside the neck of the petrol nozzle (which is smaller) so that drivers don’t put the diesel in gas engine in any case.

But, somehow, if you have poured your engine with diesel, a few things vital are there that you must know ASAP!

How can Diesel in Gas Engine Affect?

Being a driver, you might face some unexpected problems like pouring the gas engine with diesel. You may or may not be aware of the fact that there is diesel in your gas car. So, how to figure out your fuel tank has diesel and what damages can it cause to the engine and other parts. Don’t worry! You will find it out right here.

1. Probable Damage

Regardless of the fact that both diesel and gasoline are the refined version of crude oil but, the procedure included to refine the diesel is quite different than the gasoline. This is why both components require different engines and the car as well.

Diesel in gas engine can be dangerous
Diesel in gas engine causes accidents. Cre:  Rich Pedroncelli | AP

However, diesel is heavier and oilier than the gasoline so, when you pour the gas engine with diesel, the injectors feed the engine with loads of diesel as it sank inside the engine. After this, when you will try to ignite the engine, the spark plugs won’t work and the engine, as a result, would be unable to get started. Moreover, forcing the engine to ignite might result in the burning of some parts and even the worst like fire catching. In addition, severe timing and cylinder issue might also occur.

So, never try to put diesel in gas engine as they both serve the different functioning of the engine and have different properties.

2. Signs of Diesel in Petrol

Misfiring in the engine is the most basic and common indication of a presence of diesel in the petrol. The engine will be unable to start and can cut or completely or might have smoky exhaust while driving. So, whenever you discover your engine with these signs STOP DRIVING, immediately! Besides, switching off the engine as soon as you notice the signals can prevent many disasters with the diesel residue.

However, in other words, the signals that show the presence of diesel in petrol care are:

  • Engine misfiring
  • Engine cuts out
  • Smoky exhaust while driving
  • Non-responding engine

Putting Diesel in petrol car or putting petrol in a Diesel car-Which is worst?

People often do a mistake of pouring the diesel engine with petrol and petrol engine with diesel. But, which one is more dangerous for the engine? Let’s find out here!

1. Which One is more complicated?

It’s comparatively easy to fill petrol in a diesel car because the filter neck allows different sized nozzle that is smaller than the diesel nozzle to fill the oil inside. Therefore, one can easily mistake to pour the petrol, which has the smaller nozzle, inside the diesel car. However, due to the smaller size, it’s basically difficult to fill the diesel through a big nozzle.

Diesel in gas engine causes accidents
Problems of putting Diesel in gas engine. Credit: Tom Merton / Getty Images


2. Which Engine can Bear More?

Diesel engines are normally stronger than the petrol engine but, when the petrol gets in contact with the diesel engine, it acts as a thinner, which automatically dries out the engine. This results in the fuel and the engine to wear down through friction. After facing this situation your engine might never work or the damaged parts need to be changed. The chances for big problems are high. Therefore, taking the maintenance tips from the experts is essential.

In this situation, where the diesel engine has no lubrication in it, trying to start the engine can make some additional damages due to pre-explosion. Diesel requires high combustion to ignite, as the petrol is more volatile, the too much pressure inside the engine makes the petrol to combust prematurely. This, as a result, forces the pistons to go out of their natural order. This type of condition might be hazardous as many components inside the engine are blocked.

All the above guidelines regarding the damage of pouring the diesel in gas engine, signs of diesel in petrol, and of course, the worst results of filling petrol in the diesel engine, will help you find the best car for you with a compatible engine.

So, whenever you discover the Diesel in gas engine or need to figure out the best car engine for you, follow this guide without having a double thought!

  1. guillermo cabala says

    my customer put diesel in a gas car and took the road to a nearby town. the car started to fail and he forced it. it caught on fire. can you explain?

    1. Anonymous says

      Perhaps the gas prematurely ignited in engine…

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