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Crack in Tires: Consequences That Can be Life-Altering

Any vehicle, regardless of the performance and engine, is useless without tires.  These few square inches of rubbers connecting to the pavement help vehicles keep moving. For car owners, witnessing crack in tires on vehicles may not be surprising. However, taking the tire cracks for granted can be life-altering.

Crack in Tires: The Grim Truth

Tires have a very rough life; they go through harsh conditions such as cold, sunlight, and climate changes. Taking the chance of riding a vehicle with cracked tires may seem like a harmless idea. After all, we often tend to neglect small things in our lives.

Unfortunately, the problem of cracked tires is not something that should be taken lightly. Replacement of the tires becomes quintessential to avoid dangerous situations.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind the cracked tires.

Tire Age

Alike anything, tires have a limited life span because they lose flexibility over time.  Oxidation is the primary cause behind tire sidewall cracking. Anti-aging chemicals might help extend life, but most of the tires start showing the alarming signs within ten years. Vehicle owners are always suggested to read the maintenance tips for optimum performance of their vehicles.


Crack in tires may be due to sun exposure
crack in tires reduce lifespan of tires

Sunlight and Chemicals

Regular exposure of the car to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can deteriorate the tires. Indeed tires are designed with anti-ozone protection, but detergents and harsh solvents are highly likely to strip the clothing of tire. As a result, tires are vulnerable to hazards. Besides, fluids, oil, and salt on the roads can cause tire cracks.

Wrong Driving

Daily driving can affect the tires of a vehicle, especially when driving at top speed, drifting, and stopping a vehicle suddenly. All these things cause tires to age very quickly. Tire manufacturers often suggest replacement of the tires within the first ten years. Also, premature cracks on side of tires may result in reducing the lifespan of the tires to the half.

Prevention is always better than cure!

Safe Driving

The chances of blowout rise because of tire cracks. It is essential to take the necessary measures to prevent such things from happening. Safe driving is the best tip that everyone ought to consider while driving a vehicle. High-speed braking and skidding around the corners lead to an increase in the temperature. It further makes the minor cracks worse in no time.

Necessary Care

Tires are the only thing between people driving vehicles and the surface of the road. Therefore, purchasing tires from the best tire companies put mind at ease. For tire protection, using covers during the climate changes serves the purpose. Besides, keeping the tire pressure correct helps reap the maximum benefits.

Taking necessary care of the car tires
Buying tires from reputed tire companies

The Epilogue

That’s the scoop on crack in tires on vehicles! Tires are among the critical components of vehicles. Therefore, proper care and inspection regularly become essential. Before riding your vehicle, make sure to check the tire pressure and the surface for cracks and cuts.