Climate Control Vs Air Conditioning – Differences Explained

Air conditioners are more of a need than a special feature in the automobile these days. The AC system was such an amazing feature and luxury in the good old days. But now it is the basic requirement. The professional automakers are somehow managing to add mechanics in the modern AC systems as well. The climate control system is the modern-day special equipment one gets in the vehicles. Going for climate control vs air conditioning systems might explain the topic better.

There are basic differences between air condition and climate control system that you might want to know. Some car manufacturers offer both of these in the vehicle while others still follow the traditional way.

AC and climate control system cool the car cabin. Both these systems have the same purpose but do it the different way.

Let us discuss the difference between these two systems here.

Air Condition System

AC system is not a new term in the automobile business. Almost every vehicle in this day and age comes with AC as a standard feature. The basic objective of AC is to cool the inside air of the car. Its job is to keep the car’s cabin temperature low.

The compressor of AC keeps things cool no matter what be the temperature outside. Air Condition has nothing to do with the outside temperature.

There are buttons on the vehicle dashboard to control the AC system. You can set the flow of air and cooling according to your requirement. That is the difference to know when comparing climate control vs air conditioning.

AC also assists in keeping the car cabin warm in winters. The same compressor and buttons do the job in winters as well. You can adjust the temperature dial to adjust the flow of warmer air.

Climate Control vs Air Conditioning: Uncovering the differences
Climate Control vs Air Conditioning: Which one to choose? (Photo Source: Pixabay)

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Climate Control System

Just like the AC Climate Control System cools the inside air of the cabin. The basic objective of both systems is the same. But everything is automatic in the Climate Control System. The system takes care of all the adjustments by own. There is no need to adjust the flow of air or fan speed. The system will look after the climate control in a car.

According to expert maintenance tips, you need to adjust the temperature for once in the Climate Control system. One can adjust the temperature as comfortable and let the modern AC do its job.

It maintains the car temperature according to the adjustments made manually. It has nothing to do with the outside temperature as well. You are free from manual air conditioning in Climate Control System.

Climate Control System is an amazing feature to maintain the cabin temperature. Just set the temperature once and it’s done..

All you need to know about Climate Control vs Air Conditioning
Climate Control vs Air Conditioning: What are the objectives? (Photo Source: Pixabay)

The Bottom Line

There you have it! That is all one needs to know about climate control vs air conditioning. Hope you have the complete understanding of what is climate control system and how is it different from the traditional AC. It would surely help to make a vital decision when buying a car now.