Harmful Consequences From Improper Use Of Automotive Air Conditioning

No one can imagine a car without an AC especially in those scorching summers. AC seems to be a blessing, and it is, until you use it rightly. The improper use of automotive air conditioning can lead you to various circumstances that you may not even notice.

Here is the guide on how you should properly use an AC to sop up its good things only.

How To Avoid Improper Use Of Automotive Air Conditioning?

By applying certain rules in specific conditions, you can actually save yourself from the side effects of using the Air Conditioner.

Stay Away From Hypoxia

It is one of the important on keeping yourself from improper use of automotive air conditioning. Hypoxia is a situation where you feel the shortage of oxygen, and it creates a suffocation-like feeling. It happens when you drive the long distances and do not open the windows occasionally to let the new air enter your cabin. The inside of the car circulates the air, and hence in some time, the lack of oxygen happens.

Thus, while driving for long distances, you should open any of the windows and let the air come in to balance the oxygen levels.

Do Not Adopt Sudden Temperature Change

Know more about improper use of automotive air conditioning
improper use of automotive air conditioning

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The sudden temperature change may be hazardous in the long run and can actually set you for heart attack. The situation takes place due to the sudden change in your body’s temperature. When you step out of the car all cool to the hot environment or vice versa, it is an adverse condition.

Turn off the AC a few minutes ago before the destination arrives. Keep your purpose of equalizing the inside and outside temperature entirely or to some extent, so it does not harm you.

Save The Battery – Do Not Overdo It

Many times you may turn on both engine and AC at the same time. As a result, it makes the battery to work harder, and hence the efficiency gets affected. If you repeat the process by overloading the battery, you may feel the need to change it frequently. Always turn the AC on after ten minutes once you start the engine and avoid suffering your car’s battery.

Let the Decayed Air Blow Out

A vehicle that you do not operate for a few days or weeks contains the rotten air. Due to closed windows and no passing of fresh air stales the aura. Hence, before you turn the AC on while driving the vehicle, open up the windows and let the fresh air circulate. The passive wind blows out and a good level of oxygen fills in. After a few minutes when you feel enough fresh air, turn the AC on and close the windows.

Read out about your car’s maintenance in the Maintenance Tips.

Tip: Avoid using AC for long hours as it dries out the skin and the nasal passage as well.


 Know more about improper use of automotive air conditioning

How to fix improper use of automotive air conditioning

It is always blissful to have an AC to enjoy the ride. Meeting these conditions ensures you a healthy environment inside, and you can be sure about the battery’s life as well. Hence, make sure to follow all the tips on improper use of automotive air conditioning and keep your family well and content.