How To Change Color Of Car Interior?

If you are looking to give your car a breath of fresh air, follow these tips on how to change color of car interior with Car From Japan today.

Should I Change Color of Car Interior?

Many people are interested in changing and upgrading exterior paint. However, interior color is also extremely important, affecting the senses and our driving emotions more than anything.

In the past, almost everyone wanted to keep everything “original” within a car because of the general idea of “everything new is good and durable” or “new car keeps the price more”. Therefore, people are often afraid to change, especially the interior car color theme, even though they want to.

However, at present, the techniques of tuning, painting, and upgrading car interiors are super advanced. If applied properly, the quality and effects achieved can be many times better than the new ones from the company.

Digging a bit deeper, for most cars in general, the design, color, and interior materials usually just at a level that is easy to observe, enough to use. In the cabin of a typical car, you are not likely to find any vivid color, unique personality and style.

But now, it is simpler than ever to transform the original car interior to a new color of your will. Not only changing the color, but car owners can also upgrade the color change combination and interior leather upholstery, or add decorative details of wood paneling/metal cladding.

Cars after changing the interior color are not only more satisfying and beautiful but also bring a more classy experience. This means that its value is also increased.

change interior color of car
Changing car interior colors is becoming a trend nowadays. (Photo: ermess)

How To Change Color Of Car Interior?

Interior color change

Interior paint color change is the simplest and most cost-effective way to change color. This method is suitable for cars whose interior is mainly made of hard plastic. Not only does the paint change color when it’s new but in the case of old, degraded interior plastic parts, it can still be painted and refurbished in this way.

During construction, workers will in turn remove the plastic panels on the table panel, door taps, saddles, ledges, and walls. Then spray paint according to your selected color. Finally, they will set the items to their old position.

There are many ways to spray paint to change interior color. The most popular are matte paint. In addition, some details can be combined with techniques of imitation wood paint, imitation metal paint, carbon grain paint, and piano gloss paint for decoration.

Interior leather upholstery

In recent years, car owners tend to upgrade the entire car interior with leather instead of just changing the color as before. Interior leather upholstery can not only change interior color, but can als0 help upgrade the space inside to become more classy. And followed this trend, most luxury cars now have interior leather upholstery instead of using hard or soft plastic as before.

Compared to the cost of plastic paint, leather upholstery is more expensive but in return, more luxurious. There are many types of car interior leather upholstery. Softest price PU industrial leather. Although it is only imitation leather, most industrial leather lines today are very durable, long-lasting, and as luxurious as real leather.

Many luxury car brands like BMW also use Sensatec leather, an industrial leather type. If your budget is high, you can choose genuine cowhide (imported from Italy, England..), Microfiber leather (Alcantara leather), Suede, and Nappa leather.

Wood paneling, decorative metal cladding

When changing color of the car interior, it is possible to combine wood or metal cladding in dashboard panels, steering wheel, door panels, gear lever pedestals, etc to create outstanding set-up. The current paint technique can paint imitation wood, and imitation metal on plastic panels very vividly, like the real thing. However, using natural wood or metal panels is still more durable, beautiful, and luxurious.

There are many types of natural wood suitable for car interior cladding such as walnut, oak, red oak, rosewood, rosewood, etc. Similar to metal cladding, there are many types such as glossy chrome cladding, Matt silver plating, and milling with sophisticated, delicate, and sharp textures.

Change Color of Car Interior: The Details

Car seat cover

The seating system not only greatly affects the experience and comfort of the occupants, but also determines the aesthetics and luxury of the car interior. Therefore, the color and material of the seat cover should be notice more. Just changing the color or leather upholstery can instantly create a new “interface” for the interior space. This is the reason why most car owners take care of the first seat cover when they want to change car interior color.

Car seat leather has many types such as industrial PU leather, Microfiber, suede, genuine leather, and Nappa leather. The colors are also diverse such as beige, cream, white, cow yellow, red, and brown. Types of shapes are very diverse such as horizontal, vertical, wrinkled, herringbone, and diamond shape.

Depending on the style and color tone, you can choose the type of leather, leather color, and suitable seat cover model. However, because the chair often comes in contact with the drivers, it will be easy to get dirty. Choose dark tones, bold colors will be cleaner, for example, cow yellow, brown, black, and red.

If you are worried that dark colors will make the car space looks dim, you can combine two-color leather upholstery, and mix one dark with a light tone like beige-black, beige-brown, or red-white.

can you change the interior color of your car
Car seat cover color-changing helps to upgrade the car interior to become more classy. (Photo: Motor Trend)

Tape wood grain paneling/Dashboard

Dashboard is considered the “facade” of the car interior. Because this place converges almost all control systems and amenities in the cockpit such as the entertainment system, air conditioning system, steering wheel, and instrument cluster. To judge whether a car is luxurious, high-class, or not, people often look at the dashboard.

In the general car segment, the dashboard is usually made of hard plastic and covered with soft plastic imitation leather. Only a few mid-range cars or special editions are covered with leather.

To change color of car interior, after the seat covers, the dashboard is the second most important part to pay attention to. There are many ways to change the car dashboard color such as paint, leather upholstery, adding wood grain panels, and chrome borders.

If the dashboard is made of plastic, it can be restored and repainted in another color. However, it is still ideal to upgrade the leather cover for this part. Leather upholstery will bring a more luxurious feeling. In addition, you can combine some decorative details such as installing wood grain panels and glossy/matte chrome plated edges.

Dashboard leather uses the same type of leather used to cover car seats. Depending on the budget, you can choose PU industrial leather, genuine leather, or Nappa leather. In terms of color, because the dashboard is placed right in the front, you should choose light tones such as cream, white, and light brown which will create a large space effect and be more horizontal. It is also possible to combine two colors that go with the color of the leather upholstery.

Door cover

Door covers are also parts that significantly affects the car’s aesthetics. They often use the same material as the dashboard. So the way to change the color of the door panels is similar to the dashboard.

If the new door panel is plastic, it can be painted or combined with partial or full leather upholstery. If the door is covered with leather, you can change the leather cover to a different color or a better leather type. In addition, adding equipment details such as door panels, chrome rims, and chrome door handles also makes the car interior more beautiful.

Steering wheel and gear lever

The steering wheel and gear lever are also essential duos in the cockpit. The material that covers the steering wheel and gear lever both affects the driving experience and the visual aspect. A beautiful and delicate steering wheel and gear lever will make people more excited.

Currently, most of the steering wheel and gear levers are covered with leather, only in some cheap cars or cheap versions are pure plastic. No matter what kind of car, you can upgrade the leather cover, and change its color.

The roof cover

Most popular cars have a felt-covered ceiling. Although felt has good sound absorption, it is easy to stick to dust, when damp produces a bad smell, difficult to clean, and easy to ruffle. Therefore, many car owners today tend to cover the car roof and change its color at the same time.

how to change the interior color of your car
Many car owners today tend to cover the car roof and change its color at the same time. (Photo: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars)

Some popular types of car ceiling coverings can be mentioned as suede ceiling covers (Alcantara leather), and 5D ceiling coverings. Depending on the preferences of the car owner, you can choose the right type of ceiling covering and color. However, it should be noted that to make the car space larger and airier, priority light ceiling covering colors, and avoid dark and bold colors.

Car floor mats

Floor mats also affect the overall color of the car’s interior. Not only that, but the carpet’s features also determine the floor’s cleanliness. A perfect set of car mats first needs to be beautiful, but more importantly, it must keep dirt and soil very well, ensure the hygiene of the car floor, and at the same time prevent slipping.

When changing the interior color, you should also change the floor mats to the same color tone. On the market, there are many types of car floor mats such as felt carpets, molded rubber mats, and 3D – 4D – 5D – 6D leather carpets. Molded rubber mats and 5D – 6D leather carpets are the most popular.

In addition to the above important parts, the car interior also has several other details such as door sills, and wall surrounds. These parts are usually made of plastic or covered with felt. If you are willing to spend more, you can upgrade the full suede cover.

How To Choose The Color For Your Car Interior?

There are many color schemes and a selection of beautiful car interior colors.

Choose any color you like

Changing the color of the car interior according to what you like will always bring a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Choose colors according to the 5 elements of Feng Shui

You must heard of the 5 elements of Feng Shui: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. You can refer to this to choose the color harmonizing your age or your personality and goals.

Choose a color that feels comfortable and airy

The interior of the car is always limited, considered a rather cramped small space. If you choose a color that is too dark, it is easy to feel cramped and secretive. Therefore, priority should be given to choosing bright and pastel colors to bring a comfortable and airy feeling such as beige, creamy white, light gray, and milk coffee.

Choose the same color as the car exterior

If you like the uniformity, you can also choose the interior color matching the tone of the exterior’s.

Choose a trendy color

Currently, many trending car interior colors are loved by many people such as Hermes orange, China Blue, Very Peri purple, Spun Sugar blue, Gossamer Pink, and Plum red

trendy car interior color
Choose a trendy color for your car interior can be super ideal. (Photo: AsiaOne)

Multi-color coordination

If you find the car interior in a monotone color, you can choose to combine two or three colors. There are many principles of mixing such as one light color with one/two dark/dark colors. To easily choose the suitable interior color, it is best to determine the style you want at the beginning, such as sporty, unique, or luxurious.

For example, sports styles often revolve around black and red. In more unique and breaking ways, you can refer to colors such as banana green, pink, orange, and yellow. Luxury and elegance are usually elegant tones such as cream, white, and brown.

How Much Does It Cost To Change Color of Car Interior?

Depending on the detail and construction solution, the price to change color of the car interior will be varied. Here are the updated price of change interior color of car details for each item on the updated market:

  • Car seat cover (4 seats): $130 – $600/car depending on the type of leather
  • Dashboard leather upholstery: $90 – $250/car depending on skin type
  • Door leather cover: $50 – $220/ car depending on the type of door leather
  • Leather steering wheel cover (including horn face), gear lever: $40 – $65/car depending on skin type
  • Ceiling leather cover: $40 – $200/car depending on skin type (with star ceiling, lights)
  • Leather pillars: $60 – $170/ car depending on the type of leather, car model
  • Saddle leather cover: $12 – $35/car depending on the type of leather
  • Floor mats: $40 – $200/car depending on the type.
  • Interior plastic paint of the whole car: $210 – $300/ car depending on the type of paint, and car model.
  • Painted wood grain, painted metal border to decorate the screen, air vents, and gear lever pedestal: $40 – $105/car
  • Natural wood panels on the dashboard, steering wheel, and gear lever: $60 – $170/car depending on the wood type and the details.
  • Metal cladding on tape, steering wheel, and gear lever: $40 – $105/car

If you choose to change the color of the interior package, it will be more preferential. Overall, the price you can expect to change the color of the car interior package is usually around $1000 – $1500 depending on the type of materials you choose and your car model value.


Cars are not simply a means of transportation, but they also have to satisfy the needs of comfort and aesthetics, help drivers to express themselves and affirm their personality. Driving a car like any other car is monotonous. While the feeling of stepping into a car has its imprint, nothing is more exciting and comforting.

There are many reasons why people want to change color of car interior. Maybe because the interior is worn out and stained, and it’s time to refurbish. Or due to some spiritual factors, the changing color will change your luck. Want to catch up with the trend? Or simply because you need something new and more luxurious. Any reason, as long as you want, you can change it today!