Causes and Fixes for Transmission Leaks

Our cars are the best medium of transport taking us to the office and for long journeys. Thus, none of us has the time for transmission leaks. If a car leaks transmission fluid, a lot of time and money is involved. Transmission usually leaks because of a loose pan in which bolts stay wobbly after changing a filter. However, this does not always happen for the same reason. Because the fluid is the lifeblood of every vehicle, its leakage can cause troubles as well as a decent investment.

What Causes Transmission Leaks

The major reason behind transmission leak is cracked pan gasket. Nevertheless, there are some other causes as well that cause its leakage.

Here are a few common causes:

1 Broken Fluid Lines

The transmission fluid passes through moving parts, absorbing the heat, which it expels because of the aluminum transmission cooler. These lines are the route to move ATF and usually made of rubber. Often they start to leak due to external damage.

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2. Degraded Pan Gasket

Facts about Transmission Leaks
Reasons for transmission Leaks (photo source:

As said above, pan gaskets are the most common source of the fluid leak. Over the years, its material can degrade causing ATF to escape onto your driveway. Another reason behind its leakage is improper pan gasket installation.

3. Whole in the Pan

The pan is located at the very bottom of the gearbox and is one of the most susceptible parts of the vehicle. Although, it is made of a tough metal yet it is vulnerable to cracks and punctures. If the damage is serious, it is best to replace the whole transmission pan.

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4. Damaged Seals

To maintain hydraulic pressure and transmission leaks, an automatic transmission uses several seals. These seals deteriorate over a period of time and naturally fray and crack over time. If this happens to be the case, chances of transmission leak rise.

What are the Top Fixes for Transmission Leak?

While you know about different causes of transmission leaks, you must also be aware of various ways to fix them.

Here are few points to get you started:

1 Timely Check the Fluid

Symptoms of transmission leaks
Top Fixes for transmission leaks (photo source: 00ONE/ISTOCK)

It is very important to check the level of the fluid at every oil change. It is the most important maintenance tips of all.

2. Pay Attention to the Color of the Fluid

Keep a close eye on the color of the fluid. The new fluid color looks red and translucent while the older it gets, the darker it becomes. So change it once it changes the color.

2. Replace the Damaged Parts

Replace the damaged parts such as pan gasket, fluid lines, etc., in order to keep the transmission system working in the best manner. It is advisable to take professional help rather than using some DIY techniques.

Transmission leaks are common so do not panic if it happens. However, taking this issue casually is certainly not the right way to resolve it. Gather some knowledge about it and stay updated with the potential ways to reduce it.