Carb Cleaner vs Brake Cleaner vs Throttle – Body Cleaner: The Practical Difference

Be it a regular car cleanup or the required repair; garage cleaners make for the best accessory you could possess. Owing to the different applications and preferences choosing the right garage cleaner becomes essential. When it comes to carb cleaner vs brake cleaner vs throttle body cleaner, the confusions are evident.

Let’s explore the types of cleaners and their respective applications to help you choose better the next time.

Carb Cleaner vs Brake Cleaner vs Throttle – Body Cleaner

There are cleaners for every part of the vehicle. While some of the cleaners are general-purpose, some are specific. In case you choose the wrong cleaner for the wrong job; that specific part may lead to damage. This is why you need to know what cleaner to use when. Read on, to get a clearer perspective on the same.

1. Brake Cleaner

Cleaning the brakes using a brake cleaner is obvious but do you know it can be used for other purposes too. This is one of the best cleaners that can be conferred the status of multi-purpose cleaner. The best feature of a brake cleaner lies in its fast drying capability. Be it, oil, grease, or the brake fluid; brake cleaner removes all and that too effectively.

Brake cleaner is generally available in two versions, chlorinated and the non-chlorinated. The chlorinated cleaner is a complete no-no as it is an aggressive chemical blend that can harm one’s health. On the other hand, a non-chlorinated brake cleaner though not effective, is a preferable option. You may use the spray on anything as it is safer to use.

Do not use brake cleaners on materials that embrace a powder coat finish. The powder is liable to get sticky and may ruin the perfect finish.

Which is best? carb cleaner vs brake cleaner
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2. Carb Cleaner

Carburetor or a crab is a specialized device that blends in fuel with air, within an internal combustion engine. Crab makes sure that the mixture ratio is adequate enough so that the combustion process is undertaken effectively. Dirt or carbon may sometimes particulate around the device, calling for a cleanup.

This is where a carb cleaner comes into the picture. The cleaner is a violent chemical concoction that aids in eliminating varnish and dirt from the carburetor, inside and out. In case, the car’s carburetor is not performing to its expected capacity, giving it a carb cleaner doze is suggested. When it comes to carb cleaner vs brake cleaner, one should know that a brake fluid leaves no residue when compared to carb cleaner.

Do not use carb cleaners on painted materials, as the paint would scrap off immediately.

3. Throttle Cleaner

The throttle body is a valve that is positioned in-between the air intake filter and the intake manifold. Throttle in simple words, keeps in control the amount of air that enters the engine. Being a prominent part of modern engines, it becomes essential to clean-up the throttle body.

The throttle body may develop dirt and debris from around the environment. This calls for a cleanup, which, in turn, is a part of preventative car maintenance. It is similar to carb cleaner to an extent but is constricted to cleaning only the throttle bodies.

Remember not to use throttle cleaners for anything but the throttle body. Refer to maintenance tips for more on cleaners and their respective usage.

 Doubts about carb cleaner vs brake cleaner
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This is all about carb cleaner vs brake cleaner vs throttle-body cleaners. No matter what spray-on you utilize, do not give a miss to reading the instructions and warnings. Prefer wearing gloves while using these chemicals as your safety lies in your hands.