Think Car Won’t Start? Don’t Get Fed Up, Try These Solutions Instead!

A car undoubtedly is the essential utility of your home. Whether you want just to roam around or travel miles for urgent work, your car makes you do that in a jiffy. And it feels so miserable when you feel the car won’t start.

Well, there may be various reasons for that. But the major ones are here. So, before making any hassle, make sure you cross-check all these points.

5 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start: Explained Here

An empty gas tank is the most obvious reason that many people leave unchecked. So before you get any further into checking these points, make sure you have enough gas to run the car.

Dead Battery

In most cases, a dead battery can be the culprit that your car won’t start. A dead battery means no power is getting transferred to the components needed to start the car. There may be reasons why the battery got out of power. You may have left the headlights on overnight, the battery may have a loose wire, or the battery’s lifespan is over.

Try jump starting your car, and if it does, then you have a dead battery. Call a technician and get the issue resolved!

Defective Ignition Switch

You don’t have to play for time; get a replacement for the ignition switch as soon as you encounter a problem with it. Power issues happen when the ignition switch malfunctions or the car starts and stalls suddenly. Also, if there is no issue with the battery but the ignition, try turning on the headlights. If the lights turn on, but the engine does not, it is a sign that the ignition switch is malfunctioning.

car won't start
car won’t start like this- Read the guide (Photo Source: shutterstock)

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Clogged Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is one of the essential parts of the engine. A malfunctioning filter keeps the oil from running smoothly to the engine. In this case, it is no wonder that your car does not start. On average, a fuel filter needs replacement every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers. If you haven’t done that, then it is time to and you would find that the car won’t start then starts later.

Air Filter

Air plays an important role in keeping the engine active. It is needed to ignite the gases so the combustion can take place. It is the job of an air filter to clean the air and keep the dust and debris at bay. By the time, the dust, debris, and dirt get accumulated in the filter, making it impossible to clean the air. That is how replacing an air filter can also be a solution to your car’s problem.

car won't start
Your car won’t start. Here are the reasons why! (Photo Source: depositphotos)

Faulty Starter

A motor works as a starter that stays attached to the battery when this motor fails or gets broken; the engine does not start. So if you turn on that ignition key but the engine does not crack, it is a sign that the starter needs a repair. This is how you can fix a car horn and many more things using the Maintenance Tips.

car won't start like this
car won’t start- Read this guide (Photo Source: heyworkers)


To keep all the problems at bay about your car won’t start, it wise to have your car checked once in a blue moon. Also, try to observe the signs your vehicle tries to tell you. Take it to the professionals or call them home. If you are proficient with DIY, then you can recognize the issue and get on with the solution accordingly.