What To Do When Car Starter Clicking Constantly?

It is natural to get frustrated when the car won’t start and the starter won’t stop clicking. Almost every driver has to face this situation once in a while. Instead of wondering why car starter clicking isn’t stopping, find a way to get out of it. If you want to know what exactly, should you do in this situation, and what can cause the non-stop clicks in the car, you are at the right place.

So let’s explore together how you can handle the situation when starter just clicks unstoppably.

Car Starter Clicking Incessantly? This is What You Should Do

Force starting your car maybe isn’t the right way how you deal with car starter clicking continuously. By using a right method, you can correct this glitch and save other parts of the car too.

1. Find the Common Causes

Before you get started with the solution, it’s vital to find the cause of car starter clicking. The common reasons may include the partial engagement of the solenoid with the motor. The starter solenoid clicking happens either when it is faulty or starter motor pass on the failure, and both of the reasons. The other reason for starter clicking error may include the unresponsiveness of the engine even after the solenoid has been engaged. In this situation, three factors can –play a major role that comprises- seized starter motor, engine, or internal failure of the motor. So check every part of the solenoid and engine so that you at least come to know that why this is happening to your car.

Facts about car starter clicking
Precious tips to help you get better at car starter clicking (Photo Source: philkotse)

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2. Recurring Clicks

Some faults can result in those repeating clicks. Getting insufficient charges in the battery can lead your car to clicks. You can solve this by jump-starting the car by using other battery and connecting the terminals through cables. You can even opt for charging the battery with the help of an appropriate charger. If the battery isn’t in a condition to repair, replace it as soon as possible. You can use other maintenance tips to repair the battery too. In the worst case scenario, consulting the experts is the right thing to do.

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3. How to Solve it

To DIY method for getting out of this situation, it includes a number of steps. First, clean the terminals of the battery. Rub until the debris is removed. Before you spray the anticorrosion solution at the terminals, tighten it as much you can. Make sure that you check the battery terminal for loose or hooked wires. Now let the battery charge from 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to charge for a bit longer, use the voltmeter and get the exact parameter of how many charges have been transferred to the battery. You can perform further battery tests to ensure that the battery is running well and doesn’t need replacement.

Find the cause of car starter clicking
Steps to know about car starter clicking (Photo Source: goldeagle)

Wrapping Up

Whenever you hear that starter-clicking sound, use these tips, and resolve the issue in no time. So handle the car starter clicking like a pro!