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Car Pulls To The Right: The Possible Reasons And Solutions

How does it feel when your car pulls to the right or left when driving? Frustrating, right? It could also be a safety concern since car pulling to one side may cause the driver losing control in a tricky road. It is hard to focus on driving when you are in a tug of war with the wheel to keep the vehicle in a straight line.

Facing the same problem? Keep reading to know the causes and solutions.

Why Does My Car Pulls To The Right?

Applying consistent pressure on the steering wheel is tiresome. Plus, it takes the fun of driving away. Various components including the tires take the blow when steering wheel pulls to the right while driving.

A wide range of issues can trigger the trouble. Let’s discuss the causes of a car or truck pulling to one side:

Uneven Tire Pressure

The first thing you should check when your car pulls to the right is the tire pressure. For example, the height of the vehicle will not be proportionate when there are underinflated tires on one side. Low tire pressure increases rolling resistance, leading to the misalignment issue.

Overinflation is equally bad, making the car to pull to one side. It happens because the overinflated tire makes the car to push away from it.

steering wheel pulls to the right while driving
Uneven tire pressure could be a possible reason.

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How to fix it? Measure the pressure with a tire pressure gauge and inflate all tires to the correct PSI. The specifications about the maximum pressure can be found on the driver’s side door jam.

Misaligned Wheel

A car or truck pulls to the right when the wheel is out of alignment. Uneven wear of the tire tread is another indication of this problem. Delay in addressing the issue will lead to more serious problems.

How to fix it? Correcting the wheel or tire alignment means fixing the position of the suspension. It has to be at the right angle so that the wheel is at the center position and the tires make contact with the road as per the owner’s manual.

Brake System Complications

Complications in the brake system including a stuck caliper, dry slide pins, and collapsed brake hose can create the pulling issue.

A stuck caliper is the most common of all the issues. Calipers exert pressure to the brake pads by drawing power from the hydraulic brake system. They are crucial in halting the vehicle after pressing the brake pedal. The car will pull to one side if one of them does not function properly.

How to fix it? An operative braking system is critical to driving safety. A professional mechanic service any issue with the system.

Torque Steer

The condition arises when the engine torque affects the steering. A front-wheel drive (FWD) car pulls to the right when accelerating in the event of torque steer. Several components can be the source of the trouble – a loose steering element, a failing lower control arm bushing, a damaged motor mount, a pliant tie rod, or excessive motion in a ball joint.

How to Fix it? As a number of components could be at fault for this problem to occur, it is better to take the vehicle to a garage. You may have to install a limited slip differential (LSD), track bars, intermediate drive shaft, or repair several other components.

Bad Steering Linkage

A loose, deteriorated, or weak tie rod end is another reason why a car pulls to the right when taking a turn. The wild shaking of the wheel will be a regular occurrence when the condition gets worse. The newer vehicles use a rack-and-pinion system instead of a steering box.

How to fix it? A steering linkage can be damaged for an array of reasons. Taking the car to a servicing shop is the best way to diagnose the root cause and do the repair.

Deteriorated Wheel Bearing

The bearings are crucial to the smooth rotation of the wheel. When one of them wears out, the car will show multiple warning signs and pulling to one side is one of them.

car pulling to one side
Car pulling to a side is a safety issue.

How to fix it? Repairing a wheel bearing is a complicated process. You must take professional help to fix this issue.

Worn Out Suspension Parts

The suspension is likely to give up at some point. There are several parts including ball joints, control arms, struts, shocks, and bushings that can wear out over time. The deteriorated components will make the vehicle move one side at the time of braking. Suspension parts show signs of wear over a long period of time. So, you may not be aware of the problem unless any part is damaged or broken.

How to fix it? Again, you need to take professional help because the suspension is vital to a vehicle’s safety system. Regular annual checkups will save you from the surprise of suddenly broken or damaged suspension parts.

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