Common Reasons Why Car Doors Won’t Lock

Owning a car means dealing with numerous maintenance and repair tasks. One such issue is finding the car doors won’t lock. It’s a minor problem but you need to fix it immediately as it’s a safety issue.

Don’t have any idea about how to fix the lock? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Car Doors Won’t Lock: What Could be the Reasons?

To solve this problem, you need to have a better understanding of the possible reasons for which the auto door lock not working. Below are the commons reasons for a dysfunctional car door lock.

Dead Key Fob Battery or Faulty Key Fob

The key fob runs on battery and it’s not going to last forever. A dead battery is a quite common reason for the car door wont lock with remote. In this case, replacing the battery will resolve the issue. Ask the dealer or check the owner’s manual to find out the type of battery it needs.

car door wont lock with remote
It could be a faulty key fob. Source: Pexels

If the problem persists even after changing the battery, it could be a defect in the key fob. Take it to a mechanic or your car dealer. They will check if its programming is good by connecting to a computer. You need to replace the fob if it does not send any signal.

Replacement is likely to be the only option if the fob has visible damage.

A Blown Fuse

It could be the reason for the driver’s door won’t lock. A blown fuse can disrupt the locking mechanism of one single door while others may open and close normally. Replacing the fuse is the only solution and it’s a cheap fix.

There’s no need to call a professional service to change the fuse. Look into the owner’s manual to find out the exact location of the fuse. Then, replace the blown one with a new fuse. Of course, call for a mechanic if you don’t have any idea about changing a fuse.


A Bad Solenoid

A solenoid not working can also cause car doors wont lock problem. Like a fuse, solenoid replacement is also a simple and inexpensive fix. You will need to remove the door panel to replace the damaged solenoid with a new one. Take professional help if you don’t feel confidant with the repair.

auto door lock not working
You may need to remove the door panel for fixing the lock. Source: Youtube

A Broken Wire

Wiring issues are one of the common and tedious ones to fix. If the power door lock not working drivers side, and you have checked all the possible causes already, then examine the door wires. Over time, the wires get damaged here and there. Finding the problematic one could take time since there are two many of them tangled at one spot. Go ahead with the fix if you have previous repairing experience. Otherwise, leave this sophisticated task to a professional mechanic.