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Is Car Battery AC or DC? Learn How It Works and It Benefits

An electronic circuit may run on AC or DC. So, auto enthusiasts might be curious to know whether the car battery AC or DC. Let’s find it out along with what does AC and DC mean, how does a car battery work, and the benefits of DC units?

Is A Car Battery AC Or DC?

In fact, a car battery or any other battery releases DC voltage. It requires some additional circuits if you want to make it AC. For example, a DC battery can produce alternating current if it is paired up with an AC converter.

car battery ac or dc
A car battery always produces DC voltage. (Photo Source: drive2)

What Are AC And DC?

DC (direct current) is the streaming of electrons towards a single direction. Thomas Edison used direct current for the first electric power transmission systems he invented. The batteries that use DC power up small electronic appliances and gadgets like laptop, radio, microwave, and more.

Alternatively, AC (alternating current) is a streaming of electrons where they continuously change the direction. The current was used in the power transmission system invented by Nicola Tesla.

There are actually no AC batteries. There are some DC batteries that use converters to generate AC current. The alternating current streams in two directions and can carry electrons a long distance without losing any power. Using an AC converter on a DC battery allows having more control on the energy source with the extra benefits of reserving the power in a portable battery unit. The power grid that supplies power to the electrical outlets in your home is one of the places to use DC batteries with AC converters.

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How Does The Car Battery Work?

You already know the answer to the question whether your car battery AC or DC. But, how does this C battery function?

Well, the sealed lead acid battery is used in most cars while some latest vehicles may have lithium-ion batteries. These lead acid batteries have 6 cells and produce 12 volts (12.6V to be precise). Their capacity varies depending on the size and power requirement of the cars. For example, small vehicles use batteries ranging from 65 to 80AHr while it could be between 100 and 120AHr in SUVs.

In the argument whether car battery AC or DC, always remember that DC dominates low-voltage power systems and electronic appliances.

best auto battery
Draining the battery completely will ruin it. (Photo Source: thedrive)

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The alternator constantly recharges the battery when the vehicle is running. A belt run the alternator by engaging several accessories including two pulleys – one on the alternator and the other on the engine.

Car batteries can generate a high amount of DC current for a short burst. They lose their efficiency over the years. But, a complete discharging can ruin them. You can just kill the battery by draining it all the way.

The Benefits Of DC Batteries

All the vehicles use DC batteries including the electric cars that are an excellent invention to reduce the potential environmental disaster by reducing carbon emission.

DC batteries can transfer more power with less electrical losses over long distances. It means that they provide a higher efficiency at a lower cost.

However, it is normal for them to wear out over a specific period of time. It’s normal to change the battery once or twice throughout the lifetime of your car. If you want to avoid changing it more than that, choose from some of the best auto battery units from a reputed brand.

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