Car AC Stop Leak Good or Bad? Deciphering the Dilemma!

AC stop leak has always been used in the industries to seal the pipelines. As a sealer, it works well there, and now it has been introduced as an AC repairer too. Well, debates always take place about “car AC stop leak good or bad.”

Today, we are going to discuss the sealer and conclude you by defining its overall reputation. By the end, you will get to know if it is a product worth using or not.

Car AC Stop Leak Good Or Bad: How The Sealer Functions?

The AC stop leak works when injected into the system as a liquid. This liquid reaches the leaky area and becomes a coating there that works as a seal to prevent further leakage. Now, the sealer liquid turns into a layer only at the leak because the moisture is present there. When the sealer reacts with the moisture, it becomes a seal.

car AC stop leak good or bad- the reality sheet
car AC stop leak good or bad- the facts (Photo Source: holtsauto)

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Car AC Stop Leak Good Or Bad: What Is The Real Problem With The Sealer?

As we just discussed, the liquid acts with the moisture and becomes solid to form a seal. The liquid, however, does not know to distinguish the water at the leak from water that is already in the system. It just becomes solid once it meets the moisture!

Now, as you can imagine, if this liquid solidifies at a spot where it should not be, it acts as an obstruction. This, as a result, obstructs the overall airflow of the Air Conditioner system and ruins the matter even more.

This is why people often ask “car AC stop leak good or bad.” If things do not work well, the sealer can make you spend even more money than you would while using an alternative in the first place.

So, What Is The Solution Eventually?

Since the sealer may create bigger problems for the AC system, it does not mean, you should stop the usages. If applied properly, the sealer can actually make the leak stop without damaging any component. Whether it is about the throw out bearing problem or bad fuel pump relay, visit Maintenance Tips and solve your car’s issues.

Start with evacuating the system and replace the accumulator. Get a vacuum and suck any remaining moisture there. Once you are done with these two things, you should be good to go with the sealer. An emptied system does not contain any water or moisture in between, and hence the liquid solidifies at the right spot.

car AC stop leak good or bad- the guide to read now
car AC stop leak good or bad- the guide (Photo Source: autotechservice)


If you do not proceed with the evacuation process before applying the sealer, you may face circumstances. If this is the case, the further recovery of the machine can be really expensive, that sometimes, the professionals even deny performing the recovery.

It is advised that one should not go without confirming that there is no moisture left. If you are not sure about using the sealer, it is okay to use alternatives or take the car to the professionals before you go down the drain. We hope we have cleared your doubt about “car AC stop leak good or bad.”