Brake Repair: Check The Troubleshooting List

Brake Repair:   A Must Know For Every Car Driver about the Troubleshooting List.

Brake Repair is a very sensitive issue. Cars are the best friend when you are on the road and driving fast to your destination. Cars are happening, cars are cool, cars are thrilling, but when you need to go for the Brake Repair, you cannot afford negligence or just the cool attitude. One slip and you or your loved one’s life can be in danger. Here is the troubleshoot list to understand that the break of your car is calling for an expert.

The Troubleshooting List for the Brake Repair

What are the causes of Brake Noise?

  1. Bad Brake Wear: Brake Pad sometimes due to excessive dust or because of getting older make a squealing noise, whenever you apply the brakes. The vibration in the brake also says that it is the high time and now you need to replace the brake pad. Therefore, next time when your car’s braking component make noises, just either turn the rotors or get a new one immediately to do the Brake Repair.

Bad Brake Wear

  1. Non-lubricated Brake Caliper: When did you last send your car for the servicing? Did the service center lubricate the brake caliper? If no, you can hear the brake noise. Check where the brake pads are mounted and you can see the brake caliper there. So, do replace any worn slides or pins in the calipers or change the brushing inside the caliper can help you to reduce the brake noise.
Non-lubricated Brake Caliper
Source: Autoclinix

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What is the Brake Fluid Issue?

  1. Dirty Brake Fluid: When the dirt contaminates the brake fluid, it causes a problem. The solution is always cleaning the top of the reservoir when you open it. The smallest dust can cause the failure of the internal seals of the master brake cylinder. Now, how can you distinguish that the fluid is dirty? Just check the color, if the color of the brake fluid is black, it demands to change and cleaning whichever is necessary.

Dirty Brake Fluid


  1. Bad functioning of ABS Brake: Sometimes, you feel problems when you try to open and inspect the reservoir of the brake fluid. You have to pump many times the brake pedal to open the reservoir. So, the villain is your ABS Brakes. You need to check the owner’s manual or call an expert for Brake Repair.

ABS Brake


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What are the Drum brake Issues?

  1. Self-Adjusting of drum Brakes: It is a common knowledge that drum brakes, self- adjust eventually over a period to make your drive safe. It also provides high performance to your car. Nevertheless, quite often the drum brakes stop self-adjusting due to various reasons. For Example: over adjustment, wear out of brake lining, or the uneven adjustment. You can feel the problem in the terms of brake noise or low pedal, or brakes are going far against the drum.
Self-Adjusting drum Brakes
Self-Adjusting drum Brakes
  1. Locked drum Brakes: Have you felt sometimes that your car’s wheel has a problem in turning. Do you feel that  at the turn, the tires do not go smoothly? The reason may be the locked up drum brakes. When the lock up is either rusty or damaged, it is most likely that the handbrake cable fails to respond upon release. One more reason can be that the wheel cylinder of the drum brake is stuck due to dirt or corrosion inside the brakes.

The Final Words:

If you own a car, only driving is not sufficient. You need to gather knowledge about the car’s component. It helps to enhance the life of your car as well as its performance.  You now able to understand when your car needs a doctor. Above, there is some important information about the car brakes and the method as how to diagnose when the car brakes need repair. Still, if you have any problem, first check your owner manual and if the problem persists, feel free to ask here or look for an expert car mechanic for Brake Repair. Have a safe driving because you’re loved once are waiting for your return.

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