Brake Drum Turning – A Step by Step Guide

To ensure the safety of your vehicle, the braking system plays a vital role. Thus, turning brake drums is quite important to keep the working of your vehicle’s brake system intact. To ensure safety and reliability of the entire braking system, completing repairs, as soon as a fault appears, is mandatory. Otherwise, the vehicle will be risky to use, and there will remain a cloud of safety concern all the time. Below we have discussed the steps associated with brake drum turning. Read on them to find out what you need to know about brake drum turning.

Prepare tools and materials needed in order to turn brake drums

Here is a list of things you’ll need to turn the brake drums on your vehicle:

  • Wheel chocks or wooden blocks to keep the car wheels in place
  • Jack
  • Axle stands
  • Car grease and rags
  • Screwdrivers and other tools
  • Metal bar, long enough to reach at least 2 feet
Guide to brake drum turning
Guide to brake drum turning

Guide to brake drum turning – Step by Step

4 steps to help you turn brake drums you should know:

Step 1: Block the Car Wheels and Jack the Vehicle

Place the blocks in front of the wheels blocking them from moving somewhere untoward. Using the car jack, lift the rear side of the car. The axle stands will hold the car properly. Lift the car a few inches above the ground to make sure you can comfortably go underneath.

Step 2: Remove the Brake Drum Cover Plug

A cover or a plug connects the brake drum to the adjuster. Take the metal bar to dismantle the plug without any damage. Manually rotate the adjuster to remove the stuck brake drum.

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Step 3: If Necessary, Remove the Holding Screws

The wheel hub is attached to the brake drum via the holding screws. If it seems hard to loosen the brake drum, grease and unscrew the items with the screwdriver. The brake drum should come off easily afterward. Do the same for other brake drums as well.

Step 4: Take the Drums to a Garage

To turn the brake drums professionally, it is necessary to take them to an auto repair shop. However, you can save the trouble if you own a lathe. The ‘turning’ part is the most vital while machining drums. In order to make them function efficiently, scraping off small shavings is a must. Consult a mechanic to get further advice or assistance. Also take help, when reinstalling the brake drums afterward, if necessary.

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