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Bananas Make Motor Oil, Do They?

How are you going to react if we say bananas make motor oil? You won’t believe it because it does not seem a possible thing that would work. Well, to some extent, the use of banana shake as the motor oil seems right. Further, you can get to know how true it is or how this story came to light.

The Story Behind ‘Bananas Make Motor Oil’

The story of bananas make motor oil goes on like this. It was the time of 1950 when two French explorers were stuck in the desert Atacama. They were carrying a Citroen 2CV that was soon out of oil. They both found themselves helpless in the middle of nowhere. After some time to their surprise, a passerby gave them a bunch of bananas.

The myth started in 1950 (Photo Source: diariomotor)

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Now, you may be thinking about what the passerby thought while giving them the bananas. Well, it does not matter what he thought at the time, but to those French explorers, it seemed an opportunity to drive their vehicle through that desert.

What they did next was astounding; the two explorers took those bananas and meshed them all. Next, they used this mesh as a substitute to motor oil to give the engine a source of lubrication. Now they knew how bananas make motor oil.

They start their engine normally imagining that the tank is full of oil and it should work. To their surprise, the trick worked very well, and the engine actually started growling in a healthy way. In the next moment, the vehicle moved, and they traveled the desert with the banana shake they put as motor oil.

Of course, it was difficult to understand as it was no less than magic to them. Just so you know, that day, the vehicle covered 180 miles without showing any issues afterward. It is so impossible to believe the story, but still, it is an amazing one.

Further Testing With The Mashed Bananas

After this incident took place, to test out if bananas can really make the engine work, a YouTube project came to light. The project named ‘Farm’ was about experimenting with the mashed bananas solution. They used the mixture of bananas and water for the lawnmower.

They filled up the tank with the solution and gave it a try. Well, this time, no magic happened, and everything went wrong. They couldn’t understand whether it is the case of the vehicle because as per the story, it was a Citroen 2CV and they were applying the idea on a lawnmower.

After this experiment, they got the fact that there is nothing called banana oil because it cannot be. Bananas cannot liquefy the engine to run, and if anyone tries that, it is the way to ruin the engine and its parts. The experiment did more harm than good as the internals were ruined.

The spark plug was in a mess, and they noticed an unhealthy piston. There were marks all around in the cylinder walls. Grab more Maintenance Tips and never let your car fail.

There is nothing called banana oil because it cannot be (Photo Source: roadandtrack)


It can be a great story to hear, but it is better not to try the solution ever. You should always take that extra can of oil, so you do not see yourself stuck with the car and take help with a passerby in the form of bananas. Thus, on your doubt if bananas make motor oil, we want to say, they do not.

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