Bad Control Arm Bushing: Symptoms And Treatment

Control arms are one of the significant parts of any automobile or four-wheelers that connect the suspension to the chassis. Control arm bushing and ball joints are part of the control arms, and they all contribute to making your vehicle in place while absorbing any shock beyond the springs.

With time, these parts wear off and make driving a not-so-fun experience. Plus, the vehicle does not seem to absorb much shock, and you feel bumps more often. Today, we are going to discuss the obvious symptoms of a failed control arm and the replacement. Let’s get going-

Identifying The Symptoms Of A Failed Control Arm Bushing

It is not mandatory that each vehicle uses one control arm bushing. The number varies, and there can be two control arms as well. These arms keep the driver protected from harsh shocks while going off-road or on rough terrains.

You can easily identify the problem if your car does not seem to protect you from the bumps as it used to. The problem can be with the control arm bushing or any of its parts such as ball joints. The symptom becomes more noticeable when the surface is rough, and you hear some crackling sounds while accelerating or decelerating.

Control arm bushing - what is it?
It is not mandatory that each vehicle uses one control arm bushing (Photo Source: repairpal)

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It may feel not very stable while driving or using the steering. Feeling uneasiness while driving is the symptom of a malfunctioning control arm. However, you should not wait till some unfortunate happens as the failed arm can make the vehicle lose its control since the lower suspension gets separated from the chassis.

Failed Control Arm Treatment 

Driving with bad control arm bushings or a worn ball joint may be the primary reason that you need a replacement or repair. It is important to stop driving and considering the replacement the moment you realize the worn part.

Well, you first need to check if your vehicle uses one arm or dual arms concept. Afterward, inspect the damage and conclude if only one arm needs replacement or both. In most cases, only one of the arms demands replacement if another one is working fine.

A single-arm replacement can cost you anywhere from $180 to $400 depending on the region and the quality. Also, if you determine that the other arm is close to the replacement, then it is wise to get both arms replaced so you can have peace of mind while driving. Get to know how you can start your car in cold and many other important tips here Maintenance Tips.

One can replace the control arm using DIY only if he holds previous experience with repairing the vehicle. Else, it would be wise to opt for professional repairs where the labor cost adds up as well; but that is worth your time.

Control arm bushing - how to do it?
First check if your vehicle uses one arm or dual arms concept (Photo Source: depositphotos)


No matter if you are going DIY or for a professional installation, choose for a quality control arm bushing.  In both cases, make sure no other surrounding components malfunction or seems worn. It may take you one and a half hour to fix one arm bushing depending on the experience.