Automatic Car Lock Installation: Get Your Tools For An Easy Process

We understand that you always want to ensure the safety of yourself and your family, as well as the availability and wholesome of your beloved car when you are away. In the era of new technology with many types of modern and high-tech equipment, you can be in peace of mind at all times. However, before getting to that careless stage with your car, you should pay a little more attention to some vital protection features, one of which is the auto door lock.

Whether your car is having problems with locking or you are now urging to upgrade this type of feature on your auto door, let’s follow the steps in the following simple automatic car lock installation with Car From Japan right away.

Automatic Car Lock Installation: Know The Basics

Auto lock door or speed sensing door lock is often considered an essential feature in modern cars to ensure maximum safety when traveling and storing for drivers.

The outstanding feature allows you to get in and out of your car easily without the need for mechanical keys and cumbersome operations. Not only that, it enables you to lock and unlock the car doors from afar and open/close the car windows and sunroof. With the car lock, you can access the trunk quickly and conveniently when your hands are full.

automatic car lock
You can activate your interior lights for safer driving at night with some advanced auto lock systems. (Photo: iStock)

When there are children in the car, to prevent hyperactive ones from opening the door when you are driving at a dangerous speed, this device will control the child’s situation for you, not letting the child accidentally do something risky. In addition, in some cases, the person in the back seat may unintentionally or intentionally open the car door, and that’s when the auto-lock shows its power.

We have only listed a few outstanding features and dangerous situations that this trendy door lock will help you avoid to ensure safe and comfortable journeys. It is a device with a simple structure but will bring a lot of convenience to users. So without keeping you waiting, here’s how to install an auto-lock door car for your quick references.

Automatic Car Lock Installation: Step-by-step Tutorial

Not only has the advantage of protection, automatic door lock for cars also won many hearts in terms of design and extremely quick and easy installation steps. It fully guarantees non-explosive safety factors and an installation process that does not require complicated cutting and wiring. To operate Auto Lock properly, users will only need to connect through an electronic portal in less than 5 seconds. It is a technically-safe device, so rest assured that you will not have to cut or inject power from your beloved car.

Usually, you will need to install a new automatic key if the other is old, damaged, stops working, or if the mechanical key stocks in the lock, and you want to replace the entangled locking system completely. Installing a new automatic lock on the car door is not difficult and does not require too much technical knowledge. You can complete the process in about one to two hours max without any complicated specialized tools. Here are some simple installation steps you can follow.

1. Step 1: Disassemble The Door Panel

First, you can change the lock by using your screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the armrest on the car door. You’ll also need to remove the speaker covers so that subsequent disassembly won’t be cumbersome and entangled. Then, put all the things you have just removed from the car aside with their fixing screws. Carefully separating each part so that the later reassemble process will be faster and easier.

At this point, when there are no more obstacles, you can remove the inner door panel. If you look closely, you’ll see it’s held in place by a series of tight-fitting hard plastic clips. You should observe the placement of these clamps and push your screwdriver gently between the metal frame and the control panel for easy removal. While manipulating the door, you should be careful and do not use too much force as you can easily break these brittle clips, which will later cause too much inconvenience and also be costly in terms of money and time.

The final action in this step is to remove the inner door handle. To do this, pull out the plastic clip with pliers and twist it so that the handles will loosen, giving you access to the locking assembly behind the door panel, with these quick and simple actions above.

2. Step 2: Disassemble The Old Auto Key Holder

The second step in our today’s automatic car door lock installation process is disassembling the old auto key located within the door handle.

All you need to do in this step is access door handle assembly and disassemble it. When the door is removed from the car, you can see the auto-lock core more clearly. Not only that, the door handle assembly will be attached to a small rod that connects to the lock core.

keyless entry installation
You can begin this step by disconnecting the rod from the auto-lock core located in the door lock handle. (Photo: DoItYourSelf)

Next, use a wrench to remove the pair of bolts holding the doorknob assembly and that rod. Then, by simply loosening these bolts, you’ll be able to disassemble the handle assembly. Be sure to mark the mounting positions for the handle and rod to avoid confusion when reinstalling after the lock changing is complete.

3. Step 3: Install Auto Lock Door Car

To remove the automatic door lock, first move the clamp away from the snap ring, then the lock will be released. Before you intend to change a new door lock, learn carefully about the type of auto lock suitable for your car model to ensure that it will work properly with the highest performance. Carefully read the instructions or refer to experienced people to install the auto lock door in the right place. Then, to make sure the lock stays firmly in place and won’t move, you need to put the clamp back on the snap ring.

4. Step 4: Reassemble Parts and Test Keyless Entry Installation

Take notice of the last step of the auto door lock installation to complete the process and save as much time as possible. Once you have installed the new lock securely, reconnect the door handle assembly to the door and reinstall the bolts with the rod in the positions you marked earlier.

You should then test the lock’s sensitivity and operation with the remote key to make sure it opens and closes properly and latches into place. If you encounter any problems with this automatic lock, this is the time when you can quickly find the problem and easily replace it with a newer one.

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Once you’ve made sure everything is working fine, reassemble the door into your vehicle. Take the hard plastic clips and parts you disassembled earlier and reassemble them in reverse order. Remember you will need to install the interior door panel, handrails, and speaker covers then.

Automatic Car Lock Installation: Wrapping Up

Even if you want to change and upgrade the door lock for your old car, you can install and replace it easily while keeping the traditional look and nostalgic feel of the classic car with the locks looking unchanged. The automatic locking system will bring convenience and safety no matter how aged your automobile is or whoever is in the driving seat.

how to install automatic locks in your car
The keyless entry door lock is an absolute plus for absent-minded people and drivers who often have to move quickly or carry children in their back seats. (Photo: Getty Images)

While you will have to invest a little more in this state-of-the-art lock system than with a manual one, the benefits it offers in terms of convenience, safety, and peace of mind, in the long run, are unquestionably worthy.

Just by performing these uncomplicated steps under the guidance of experts or experienced people, you will be able to complete a quick and easy automatic car lock installation process in no time.

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