Are Mazdas Expensive to Maintain? Maintenance Breakdown

Are Mazdas expensive to maintain? Let’s say you have $100 to spend on maintenance every couple of months. For some people, that’s a lot of money—for others, it’s a drop in the bucket. The same is true when comparing Mazda vehicles to BMW, Lexus, Audi, and other luxury brands. What may be “expensive” or “cheap” for one person may be the opposite for another.

Let’s go through Mazda cars’ maintenance and repair costs to see how they fare against other popular brands.

Are Mazdas Expensive to Maintain?

The Mazda company is dedicated to producing luxurious but affordable vehicles. If you want to know whether Mazdas are expensive to maintain, it’s important to remember that they are engineered to be low-maintenance and easy to keep in top shape.

Mazda vehicles have a reputation for being affordable sports cars, and if you’ve ever owned one, it’s easy to see why. They’re sleek, stylish, and surprisingly zippy for their class. But do these cars cost more to maintain than their peers?
The answer is “no” if you compare them with luxury models like Audi, Lexus, and BMW. Whether it’s an oil change or yearly engine tune-up, the upkeep expenses never spiral out of hand.

are mazdas expensive to repair
Mazda is a highly reliable auto brand. (Image credit: MaxPixel)

You can also reduce the expenses by taking advantage of coupons and other perks offered by the dealership. Of course, Mazda repair costs will appear expensive if you compare those figures with budget cars from Toyota and Honda.

Oil maintenance and minor tune-ups may cost between $50 and $80. Also, it’s possible to keep the expense below $400 for significant engine tune-ups. You can save plenty on unexpected repair costs by keeping up with regular maintenance schedules.

You can save on maintenance costs by purchasing a used Mazda car. These vehicles are known for their longevity, so even if you buy a used Mazda with a high number of miles on it, you can expect to have reliable transportation for years to come. That said, it’s still best to shop around and compare prices at different dealerships before making a final purchase.

Are Mazda Parts Expensive?

Mazdas are built for longevity and durability. They’re simple, with fewer systems to fail. This means there are fewer parts that can break down.

Mazda really is good fun to drive, and it’s surprisingly economical for a car with all-wheel drive. The downside is that it can be pretty expensive if you’re unlucky enough to have an accident.


Are Mazdas expensive to repair? Yes, the repair costs quickly add up because of the expensive parts. The OEM accessories will cost you an arm and a leg. Fortunately, Mazda cars are pretty standard, so cheaper aftermarket alternatives are readily available.


Are Mazdas expensive to maintain? If you’re considering buying a Mazda, it’s worth investigating whether these cars are costlier to maintain than similar cars. But the good news is they are not compared to other expensive sports cars.