What Are The Differences Between Car Seatbelt Design And Airplane Seatbelt?

The car manufacturers offer proper safety features to make drives safer. Safety for the people on board is always the priority. Seatbelts are an important safety feature inside the cars as well as the planes. These belts reduce the damage that might happen to the passengers. The seatbelt keeps one safe when a car meets with an accident. It keeps your head and body locked to diminish the risks of injury. It is the similar case with airplanes as well. A car seatbelt design is somewhat different to that of an airplane. There are some reasons behind the same.

Let us discuss the big differences between car and airplane seatbelt here.

Why Are Car Seatbelt Design Different Than Airplanes?

An airplane has a lap belt while the cars have lap and diagonal belt. Finding a modern technology car with a lap belt sounds intricate. In the same way, airplanes do not have diagonal belts. Another name of seatbelts is safety belts or restraints. These safety belts follow different purpose in cars and planes. It is the basic safety feature that every car and plane manufacturing company provides. One can find additional safety features that have a great connection with seatbelts in the cars. You have to buckle up the belt after sitting inside an airplane and car both.

Let us find the top differences between these two types of seatbelts here.

The Shape

The foremost difference between a car and airplane belt is the shape. A car has diagonal seatbelt while an airplane comprises lap belt only. The car seatbelt design is a better option in terms of safety. It keeps the entire body safe and secure during the accident. You cannot move a bit when any misfortune happens. Your head might smash with the dashboard if diagonal seatbelt is not there. A plane seatbelt keeps the body in one place while take-off and landing. You do not have to worry about the head smash in planes.

Car Seatbelt Design- The Definitive Guide
Everything about Car Seatbelt Design (Photo Source: pixabay)

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Lift Lever Or Push Button

Another factor that separates car and plane seatbelt is the button mechanism. The modern cars come with push button mechanism while the planes have lift lever button. The manufacturers define airplane seatbelt lever as the lift lever buckle. Installing diagonal seatbelt in the planes is quite difficult. Lift lever seatbelts are stronger than push button ones. A person has enough time to open the buckle in an airplane mishap. You do have to speed up while opening the car seatbelt with push button in case of fires or other damage.

Seatbelt Motion

A car seatbelt stops the body to move from upper and lower region. But, you can easily move your upper body inside the plane. According to professional maintenance tips, seatbelt in the car covers shoulder and chest area diagonally. An airplane seatbelt covers the stomach area only.

car seatbelt design
The Truth about Car Seatbelt Design (Photo Source: pilotgeorge)

The Final Thoughts  

There you have it! These tips make a lot of difference in car seatbelt design. Hope you have the answer for why are the seatbelts in cars and airplanes are different.