Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Problems And The Solution

Just like other sensors, automobiles also feature the accelerator pedal position sensor. With the sensor, there come the accelerator pedal position sensor problems as well. The sensor as the name implies works to adjust with the pressure applied on the accelerator paddle. It works along with the varying amount of depression made on the gas pedal by the driver. This ensures the fuel-air mixture ratio and sends it accordingly to the engine for an increased or decreased speed.

Whenever the sensor malfunctions, the drive starts experiencing different issues. Today, we are going to discuss these issues and what you should do eventually.

Recognizing The Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Problems

A failing accelerator sensor directly affects the response to the gas pedal and gas mileage, leaving the problem only worsens the issue. So here are the symptoms that you read and identify if the problem exists with the accelerator pedal sensor.

Your Car Does Not Respond Well When The Pedal Is Pressed

This is one of the accelerator pedal position sensor problems where no matter how much you depress the pedal, the car does not respond accordingly. This situation easily signifies that the problem lies with the pedal sensor. Hence, if the same is happening to you, this is a clear sign that your accelerator pedal sensor is the culprit.

Your Car Doesn’t Seem To Grasp Speed

No matter how much pressure is applied on the pedal, the car does not seem to keep up with the action. This means that your car stops going faster after a point regardless of the pressure applied on the pedal. This is because the pedal sensor fails to send signals further.

accelerator pedal position sensor problems
accelerator pedal position sensor problems (Photo Source: pconline)

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Your Car Does Not Even Buzz

If the accelerator pedal does not work at all or if your car does not even buzz, then the pedal sensor is bad. No matter how many times, you depress the pedal, it just does not seem to be working.

You Experience Low Gas Mileage

Low gas mileage is a common problem whenever the accelerator sensor goes bad. Sometimes, you do not see much difference in throttle or accelerating the car, but you notice a mileage that is too low that it should not be. This is another sign you can have your car for the accelerator pedal sensor checking.

If The Car Does Not Ideal Smoothly

It is simple to conclude that the problem is with the accelerator sensor if the ideal feels rough. If your car is shaking and consuming more fuel too, it is best to get the sensor checked. Read more about keeping your car going on for years here Maintenance Tips.

accelerator pedal position sensor problems
accelerator pedal position sensor problems and solutions (Photo Source: istockphoto)


Well, no matter which sign you recognizes from these accelerator pedal position sensor problems, your car needs a repair immediately. Till then set the vehicle to the Limp mode that works by allowing the driver to take the car off from a busy road safely or when you are stuck in the middle of the highway.

Also, it is not safe to drive the car to the mechanic as you have no or poor control over the accelerator. Call the repairer home and get rid of the issue!