6 Ways to Save Money Fast on Car’s Home Maintenance

Owning a vehicle has its perks, but there are some labors too to keep it up and running for a long time. There are many ways to save money fast on the home maintenance of your car. The steps will not just cut the upkeep cost but will also extend the lifespan of the automobile.

Car’s Home Maintenance Checklist: 6 Ways to Save Money Fast

Just some routine maintenance and changing driving habits prove to be good ways to save money. Let’s take a look:

Follow the Guidelines in the Manual

Every vehicle comes with a manual that has recommendations and suggestions about how to take care of it. It has information about the recommended rating for the lubricant, the paint color of the body, the time for an oil change, etc. Besides, the dealerships often provide with a list of things helpful for keeping up the good health of the car.

Go Easy on the Brake Pedal

Aggressive driving and hard braking cut your gas mileage. But, slamming on the brake pedal often and too hard can result in an expensive repair cost too. Sensible driving and going soft on the pedal is likely to extend the life of the brakes from the average 10,000 miles to 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

ways to save money fast

Bleed the Brakes

Just a couple of YouTube videos or detailed tutorials from renowned websites will make you able to bleed the brakes of your car by yourself. It will save your hassle from taking the auto to the repair shop and paying $100 in average for every visit.

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Rotate the Tires

The rate of wear and tear is quick for front tires in comparison to the pair in the rear. By switching the pairs with each other, you can ensure the same lifespan for all the tires. Read the manufacturer’s manual to know when it’s the right time to make the change.

Change the Air Filter

It is an easy task that you can do at your garage in less than five minutes. Using the same filter more than the recommended period poses the risk of filling the engine with dirt and muck, reducing the fuel efficiency as a result. The standard replacement time is every 30,000 miles, but you should check the manual for confirmation.

ways to save money fast

Don’t Change Oil before the Right Time

Many people take their mechanic’s word for everything, which you should not do especially in the case of an oil change. Most of them will advise you to change it in every 3,000 miles, but the newer models using a synthetic oil can reach 10,000 miles without the need of change. So, peruse the manual before schedule an oil change.

These maintenance hacks mentioned above are some of the most efficient ways to save money fast on your car’s upkeep and repairs. Besides, they will save your time and all the hassles all along.