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4 Signs that Tell You It’s Time for a Car Oil Change

4 Signs that Tell You It’s Time for a Car Oil Change
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Every car owner should know that an overdue oil change will affect the performance and longevity of their vehicle’s engine. Most people rely on mileage to schedule an oil change. As a result, their cars suffer from overdue oil change damage that sometimes may lead to failure of the engine. You have to be aware of the warning signs that your automobile shows when it’s time for a car oil change.

The Extent of Damage Caused by Overdue Oil Change

It depends on how long you have delayed the change. All the vehicles come with a manufacturer-provided number that indicates how many miles you can expect your oil to last. However, it often refers to the lowest miles that you can safely drive without changing the oil.

So, there’s nothing to worry about if you go slightly longer than the recommended miles. However, if you are a long overdue, that old oil can damage the engine parts and cause you expensive repairs and service.

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Warning Signs for a Car Oil Change

Fresh oil keeps the engine healthy by lubricating all the parts and helping them move smoothly. However, the older it gets, the more its molecules break down and create problems for the vehicle. Let’s check out five warning signs of a car oil change:

Dark and Dirty Oil

Fresh oil looks amber in color. However, it turns black and greasy after collecting dirt and particles from the engine parts. It’s better to check the oil every month to see if it has changed color.

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Loud Engine Noise

Fresh oil creates a thin shield between engine parts to save them from friction and keep the motor quiet during driving. However, the heat and other engine conditions break down lubricant, which in turn causes the engine parts to create clanking sound. So, you should schedule a car oil change if you hear any knocking or rumbling sound.

Check the Oil Change Light

The dashboard has an oil change light that turns on when the level of oil is too low in the system. Once you see the light, use the dipstick to check the level, and change it if it’s insufficient.

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Exhaust Smoke

Sometimes, vapor comes out of the exhaust pipe in cold weather. However, if it’s smoke, check the oil level. Such a problem can occur because of an oil leak or faulty engine parts.

The general rule of thumb is to have the car oil change in every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. However, you can extend it to 6,000 miles or six months if your vehicle is brand new. Remember that changing the oil is a simple but the most useful service that you can provide for your automobile. Doing it regularly will keep your auto in good condition and extend its life.

  1. Martin says

    How to know and change the gear transmission fluid and how long should it stay in a car from japan?

  2. Lordsen says

    Good stuff here,this information is true & not biased!

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    Good idea

  4. Mark Vang says

    The oil change is an uninvolved maintenance engagement. But the fact of the matter is, when it is carried out on a regular basis it extends your vehicle’s life-expectancy and increases the overall performance of the car engine. Fresh and clean engine oil not only boosts the performance but also keeps the engine healthy by keeping its components properly lubricated. If the color of the oil is dark, and it looks dirty, if you louder engine noise is produced at the time of operation, and if your oil change light is on, then you can guess that your vehicle needs an oil change. You have to do it immediately in order to protect your vehicle’s engine from irreversible damages.

  5. Raj Sharma says

    Thanks for sharing such great article .Oil change is a must if you want the car to run smooth without any problems.Very helpful tips you have shared. Gained a lot of knowledge regarding when to change the oil seeing those signs . Thanks for sharing this article which could help a lot. I am glad that I came across such an article.

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