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What Causes The Failure Of 4WD Transfer Case Position Sensor Selector Switch?

The gear and transfer case settings in 4-Wheel-Drive systems make it possible to drive through merely every condition when on an off-road endeavor. The various transfer switch settings are suitable for driving efficiently through any road.

The problem comes when you need to make transfer shift in your 4wd, but the selector switch fails to work? What might be the reason for such a failure? Let’s find out why 4wd transfer case position sensor selector switch may stop working when you are in the middle of a crisis.

Reason Behind 4wd Transfer Case Position Sensor Selector Switch Failure

The 4wd transfer case position sensor switch may get stuck in one particular position and may resist shifting. This is a common problem that truck owners have to face. Here are some causes that lead to the break-down of the sensor selector switch.

1. The Tire Size

It may sound strange, but the tire size and the corresponding inflation can be the cause of the failure of the transfer case sensor switch. As a matter of fact, all the tires installed in the truck must be within a quarter of overall circumference. When there is a mismatch in the tires, a viscous coupling in the tires would be the consequence that, in turn, would lead to malfunctioning of the differentials.

Do not overlook the need to maintain a tire pressure too. Where there is even a bit of deflation in the tire, it would resist shifting from 4wd to 2wd, and vice-versa. This is one of the easiest problems to detect that leads to 4wd transfer case position sensor selector switch problems.

2. The Dirt And Water

Another factor that leads to damaging of the transfer case switch is the intrusion of dirt and water in the system. It is the wiring or the encoder motor that is likely to get damaged from dirt and water when driving on off-roads. These external elements may also lead to rusting and corrosion on the harness, which, in turn, prompts the computer to read inaccurate resistance and make unnecessary shifts.

Points to know about 4wd transfer case position sensor selector switch
Facts about 4wd transfer case position sensor selector switch

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The key is to drive smoothly through any terrain and make sure that water and dirt are not accumulated in large chunks. Give a good servicing to your truck once you are back from the trip and send it for washing too. You could also refer to maintenance tips for suggestions as to how to keep your trucks and Volvos clean.

3. The Shaft Seal Failure

It is the output shaft seal present in a transfer case that keeps it safe from hydraulic fluid leaks. When these shaft seals fail to work optimally, leaks are likely to occur. These leaks further lead to issues with gear shifting and associated functions related to shifting over to 4wd.

When it is the hydraulic fluid leak that bothers the transfer case, you need to take the truck to an automotive expert. Only these specialists can tell you what actually went wrong with the working of the transfer case switch. They would fix the impeding issue too. Isn’t it all you want?

Need to read about 4wd transfer case position sensor selector switch
Know the failure reason for 4wd transfer case position sensor selector switch

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Wrapping Up

These were the three common causes that lead to the failure of the 4wd Transfer Case Position Sensor Selector Switch. If you are an avid off-road rider, looking into details of such malfunctions becomes essential. Always remember, if something does not work out as desired, seeking expert help should never be ignored.

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