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3 Common Oil Pump Failure Indicators

Though oil pump failure is quite rare, as a driver you need to be ready for every situation and know the common symptoms of a faulty oil pump. You car’s engine’s performance depends entirely on the oil pump. So, oil pump failure may cause significant damage to the vehicle. An oil pump absorbs oil from an oil pan and passes it through oil filter onto the bearings.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Oil Pump?

The first and foremost sign of your car’s oil pump going disarray is an engine indicator alert on your dashboard. Yet this doesn’t always necessarily indicate a car oil pump failure and, most of the time, drivers don’t pay any attention to it. In general, as soon as the oil light goes on we think that the engine is low on oil pressure. There could be other issues like burning oil or a leak. Simply check the dipstick and add oil if necessary. If the light doesn’t go off even after changing oil, look for these symptoms of a faulty oil pump:

Oil Pump Failure

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1. Low oil pressure: A faulty oil pump will not be able to pump oil through the system. This may lead to low oil pressure and cause more damage.

2. Increased engine operating temperature: Oil keeps the temperature in your vehicle under control by reducing the amount of friction among different parts. A below par oil flow struggles to lubricate the parts properly, and so, the engine heats up. Simply, an increasing friction means a steep rise in temperature and more problems.

3. Noise: Hydraulic lifters play a vital role in your engine’s operation and, unless lubricated, it fails to function properly. A properly working engine translates in the lifters working virtually silently. You should avoid damage to these lifters at any cost; since they are too expensive to replace.

Apart from the hydraulic filters, the valve train also makes noise when the car oil pump fails. So, parts like the seals, the pushrods, and valve guides are required to be lubricated properly. As a result of a bad oil pump, additional noises can occur, too.

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