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Indications of a Worn Out Engine

Indications of a Worn Out Engine
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An engine is the crucial part of a vehicle and any fault with it will leave you stuck. When we talk about the engine bearing, we refer to the rod bearing or the main bearing. If there is any problem with the engine bearing, your vehicle will start giving you an indication and you should take a quick action. Pay attention to the noise when you start your car.  Want to know the signs of a worn out engine?


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Symptoms of Faulty Engine Bearings:

  1. Knocking Main Bearing Sounds:

    Knocking Main Bearing Sounds


    If there is an engine bearing issue, you will get to hear some knocking noises from the car. This noise will continue while the engine is running. And if this noise continues for a longer time, it indicates that there is a problem with the main bearing.

  2. Faulty rod bearing sounds:Faulty rod bearing sounds 2016

    When you accelerate the vehicle and get to hear knocking noise that strikes a piece of aluminum or tin, it is an indication of a faulty rod bearing.

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  3. Low oil pressure warnings:Low oil pressure

    You can get a low-pressure oil warning from the light or a gauge. Some of the cars have an oil pressure gauge and some of the cars have a low-pressure warning light. You cannot solely depend on the warning light or gauge, but can also pick the clues from a clattering noise. If the oil pressure is too low, you will get to hear the clanging noise.

  4. Smoking:

    The best way to find out about the status of the car engine is the smoke. Smoke comes in various colors such as blue, white and black. Each one conveys a different meaning.

    1. White Smoke:

      What Does White Smoke Mean For Your Car

      If your engine is throwing white smoke, it is an indication of a damaged cylinder head or a blown head gasket. The cylinder head must be repaired.

    2. Black Smoke:

      Engine Exhaling Black Smoke

      When your engine is exhaling black smoke, it isn’t a sign or replacement but is a sign of repair. There are components that control the air and fuel mixture that enters the combustion chamber. If there are little air and too much fuel, black smoke will emerge out. Sometimes the black smoke also indicates major trouble, but it is a very rare case.

    3. Blue Smoke:

      Car Blue Exhaust Smoke problem

      The engine oil can only burn and when it burns, blue smoke emerges out. When the oil goes beyond the sealing surfaces, the damage is said to occur.

  5. Major Power Loss:

    If there is a power loss in the due course of time, it is due to wear and tear. But, if there is a sudden power loss, it indicates a component failure and must be immediately looked into.

    None of us would ever want to face an engine problem. But, there are times when the engine needs a repair or replacement and ignoring it could be dangerous. The car’s engine will give the indication and we must quickly pick it up. Get the car examined immediately rather than ignoring it for more days.

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  1. Callum Palmer says

    Considering how important the bearings are to your car’s engine you need to get them checked out as soon as you notice them knocking around. After all, that could be a sign of a much larger problem with the engine. If that is the case then you’d definitely want to get it looked at before the engine fails completely.

  2. Praise says

    I used an Honda accord 2006, I recently replaced the Beerings but now if I turn on the car AC it start vibrating or it goes off. It is that my engine has o power no more.

  3. Heidi Bookenstock says

    My friends car has been producing a lot of blue smoke lately. I told her it may be something to worry about, but she doesn’t want to have it looked at. I’m really glad I found this article so I can tell my friend that the oil is beyond the sealing service and could cause damage.

  4. Mina Edinburgh says

    Thank you for pointing out that black smoke indicates that the car needs to be repaired because there are too little air and too much fuel entering the combustion chamber. I have a feeling that if we ignore this problem with the engine system, it’s going to cause us a lot of problems. I will bring the car to the mechanic as soon as possible since the black smoke thing has been happening for more than a week now, and my mom is already complaining.

  5. Amethyst Boheur says

    I appreciate it when you said that although black smoke can be a sign of a problem, most of the time it just indicates that too much fuel and less air is getting in the combustion chamber. Though of course, I cannot rule out that there is a problem with the engine, especially since I have never once brought the car for a check. I will find a mechanic as soon as possible to see if there is something that needs to be fixed.

  6. Logan Edwards says

    It got me when you said that if the engine is shutting off frequently, then there is a chance that the components are failing and needs to be looked at. I am sure that the same principle applies to aircraft engines since I noticed that the one we are using is suffering from the same issue. Time like this makes me think that it would’ve been good if we had a mechanic. But anyway, for now, we will hire someone to do that for us.

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