Why Don’t Modern Cars Have the 2 Spoke Steering Wheel?

A car’s steering wheel has a simple task to do — directing the wheels to the left or right. However, the actual function is more complex and crucial than it sounds. A minimal turn of the steering should correct the vehicle wheel angles precisely to deliver the most efficient control. Steering wheels come with one or more spokes, and a 2 spoke steering wheel is one of the variety.

Automobile Steering Wheel: What Does It Do?

The driver turns the steering wheel left or right to move the car accordingly. However, there are a lot of other things happening in there. A steering wheel directly contacts the car wheels through steering systems like rack and pinion or recirculating ball mechanism. In modern-day cars, the steering system has either hydraulic power steering or computer-controlled electric power steering.

spoke steering wheel
A steering wheel is crucial for various car functions. (Credit: PxHere)

Apart from sending instructions of direction to a car, the steering wheel also houses the vehicle’s essential safety systems. These are:

  • Horn. The car’s electric horn is within the driving wheel. Horn switch could be in the central hub or the rim of the steering wheel.
  • Cruise control. Car manufacturer Ford was the first one to offer cruise control within the steering wheel.
  • Airbag. During any accident, the hand wheel could cause severe damages to the driver. Hence an airbag is found on the steering wheel, preferably in the central hub.
  • Infotainment system. In modern cars, the driver has all the infotainment control systems right in the steering rim.

Why Do Modern Cars Not Have the 2 Spoke Steering Wheel?

A spoke steering wheel mainly connects the wheel with the steering column. They also work as hand rest. Widely found steering wheel model is the three-wheel models, such as:

  • According to a wall clock, the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions for the spokes are widely known. In this configuration, the driver gets a clear vision of the dashboard gauges.
  • The 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 10 o’clock model of hand wheels also come with a few vehicle models.

The spokes in the drive wheel add rigidity to the rim of the wheel. It also adds a style and fashion to the vehicle interior.

These days, more drivers are looking for two-spoke steering wheels, which offer more visibility of the dashboard systems and smart look to the vehicle. The steering wheel is the centerpiece of the interior. Fewer spokes mean less clutter and a more stylish look.

Some cars with 2-spoke drive wheels are Chevrolet Corvette C8, Genesis GV80, Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, Ferrari F8 Tributo, etc.

However, not many modern-day cars offer two spoke models because the steering wheel has to house many buttons and be rigid at the same time. However, many drivers look for the 2 spoke steering wheel in aftermarket shops.
Sparco, NRG, and Momo are some of the leading manufacturers of driving wheels. Although these are aftermarket parts, they are still reliable enough to meet higher standards for long-term use.



A car’s interior gets a cool and slick look with a 2 spoke steering wheel. Since manufacturers are not a fan of this design, you can add by yourself by choosing from various aftermarket models.